What is FiOS?

What is FiOS Internet?

A network of optical fiber makes up the FiOS network. It’s new technology that delivers Internet data as light pulses. They travel along a network of flexible glass fibers, resistant to electromagnetic interference. Fiber-optic lines have the capacity to carry more data than copper-wire networks.

Dozens of hair-thin, flexible glass strands comprise a fiber-optic cable. They’re enclosed in a mirrored cladding. This keeps the light pulses moving along the network. Buffer coating maintains the integrity of the cable.

FiOS vs. Broadband Internet

FiOS speed tells the story. Frontier FiOS Internet plans can reach five times the speed of typical broadband. You can stream, game, browse and more. Don’t fuss with lag time or buffering.

FiOS can support several devices at once, even for media-rich activity on the Internet. Game and stream your favorite music. Watch your can’t-miss TV series in one room while family members watch a movie in another. FiOS has the bandwidth for it all.

FiOS Internet Speed

Fiber-optic networks are capable of delivering the fastest Internet speeds around. Frontier FiOS customers can choose from 50/50Mbps, and 500/500Mbps and 1G. The two numbers refer to download speed first, upload second.

Users get equal upload and download speeds. Download refers to movies, photos, and more taken from the Internet. Upload refers to posting items to the Internet. That includes video clips, photos and more, usually on social media accounts.

What is FiOS TV?

100% fiber-optic TV means no noise, power surges and static. They’re not in the picture with FiOS TV. Switch to FiOS and get vivid pictures and crystal-clear sound quality. The fiber-optic network also delivers hundreds of digital and HD channels.

Access thousands of On Demand titles. The FiOS TV network gives you access to a world of college and pro sports, premium movies and more. FiOS TV programming has something for the whole family. Watch what you love, with FiOS TV.

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