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What is software engineering?

Software engineers combine computer science and mathematical analysis. They design, develop, and test computer software for apps and systems. They program computers line by line to carry out specific operations. These engineers use algorithms and analysis to develop and improve their software. Course study will revolve around computer and programming skills. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are important, as are interpersonal communication and writing strengths.

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You might be a future software engineer if…

  • Your curiosity drives you. Research and analysis comprise the bulk of your work. It’s not from instructions a boss gives you, but discovering your own conclusions through your work.
  • Passion sustains you. Software development rolls on during economic decline or prosperity, for large companies and startups. Ardent work ethic is required to keep up.
  • You’re bold — yet clear — about changes. Software engineers need to improve code without changing its function. Your upgrades become the baseline for the next round of enhancements.

For educators: Is software engineering a fit for your students?

Students who ask questions that aren’t easy to answer are on the right track for software engineering. For this major, they’ll need devotion to coding and the innovation that moves their work forward. They’ll be as comfortable working alone as they would in collaboration with others.

Inside the numbers

  • No. 2 | U.S. News & World Report ranked software engineering the second best technology job, behind computer systems analyst.
  • 19% | Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate on employment growth in this field through 2024. That could translate to 135,300 new jobs.

Salary range

  • According to, most software engineers hold a bachelor’s degree, and salaries range from $56,799-$75,405.

Possible Career options

  • APP DEVELOPER | Create, program, and test app software, including banking, commerce, email, game, social media, and more. They remain involved from concept to development to testing.
  • COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGER | Plan, coordinate, and direct computer systems and activities. They put in place networks that meet IT goals of an organization.
  • SOFTWARE ENGINEER | They work at all levels of software development. They code, launch, test, and software programs. They also write algorithms for programs.

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