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What is information security?

Information security specialists work in government and in the private sector. They protect against cybercrime. There are legal aspects of the field and of criminal investigation. Administration experience in various networks, for knowledge of strengths and vulnerabilities, is key. Information security involves math and science. You’ll need problem-solving skills and attention to detail to study it in college. Learn about computer networks in elective courses and outside of school.

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You might be a future information security specialist if…

  • You can multitask. The cybersecurity game isn’t simple. Threats come from a variety of sources, so it’s crucial you can handle more than one task at a time.
  • You thrive on stress. Often, you’re tasked with protecting a department’s — or a company’s — livelihood. Not all factions of engineering come with this level of pressure.
  • You understand the Internet. Not just how to use it, but how it operates. Specifically, keeping current on the most prominent and newest threats to network security.

For educators: Is information security a fit for your students?

Days in this field are played on defense more than most engineering jobs. With potential for hectic days protecting networks, information security specialists must have that edge that rises above stress and the unknown. Students with the strongest grasp of what makes the Internet go are best served to protect it.

Inside the numbers

  • 18% | The job growth outlook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics through 2024. That’s much faster than the average field. Cybercrime’s growth makes this trend necessary.
  • 2.99% | Information security specialists per thousand jobs in Virginia, according to BLS. The state has by far the highest concentration of specialists in the field.

Salary range

  • According to, most information security specialists hold a bachelor’s degree, and salaries range from $52,399 to $65,684.

Possible Career options

  • CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER | This highest level manager oversees IT security general operations. Expertise in IT strategy and security architecture is important.
  • INFORMATION SECURITY CRIME INVESTIGATOR | Analyst of cybercrime. Forensic and response skills a must. Investigations often include reverse engineering to arrive at resolutions.
  • NETWORK SECURITY ENGINEER | Develop, maintain, and troubleshoot network security. They configure security hardware and software and report on network security.

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