How to Stand Out in the Tech World
1 Start an engineering club at your school Check with administration on guidelines for starting a club. You might need a teacher to supervise activities. Seek out someone in the field who lives in your community to act as mentor, or at least become a guest speaker at a meeting.
Learn how to start your own club here
2 Add an A for “art” to your STEM studies Engineering is such a varied field. Many college courses will focus on math and medicine. An understanding of art, especially in its creation, can deepen the creative, curious side you’ll need to dream up solutions for engineering challenges.
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3 Join an engineering network Networking isn’t always easy when you’re in high school, but some organizations welcome mentees for their members. You’ll get a feel for everyday challenges people in your hopeful profession face every day. Someday, you can return the favor.
Check out the American Society of Professional Engineers
4 Tutor younger kids Extracurricular activities are important; to show leadership and passion about your chosen field will make a lasting impression. Plus, the experience of teaching what you know will benefit you. This would demonstrate an ability to have interpersonal relationships, too.
Learn how to join a tutor service here
5 Create a LinkedIn profile Connect with high school and college students interested in engineering. It’s easy to connect also with professionals, and write and share posts relevant to information security. Interact and ask questions. You’ll leave a good impression on influencers in the field.
Learn how to create a strong LinkedIn profile here
6 Play around Engineering is more than just learning code or solving equations. Experience is valuable, the kind you’d acquire taking online courses and rooting around with things like XSS and fuzzing. Most problems you’ll encounter in engineering aren’t precise. Broaden your strengths beyond coding and math.
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