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What is computer science?

Solving problems with technology. This includes writing software, app development, building websites, and more. Computer scientists understand technology today to develop it for tomorrow. They need imagination and math logic skills. They design computer systems for companies and governments. In high school, take programming-intensive courses. Learn programming languages C++ and Java to prepare to study Computer Science. Math skills come into play for coding and computer programming.

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You might be a future computer scientist if…

  • Logical thinking is your default. It should be part of your foundation. Logical thinking leads to skills you’ll need for algorithms and coding.
  • You can write. Think clarity, not prose, not only in code language, but to convey the nature of work challenges and solutions. Alongside critical thinking, the ability to explain is important.
  • You’re curious. It goes with logical thinking — not accepting everything as-is. In computer science, it’s important to solve a problem before it becomes one.

For educators: Is computer science a fit for your students?

Perhaps a student or two has stood out to you because of their comprehension of complex ideas. Maybe they have an ability to explain it as well as — or better — than a teacher. The student who has these skills and a knack for seeking knowledge on an even deeper level could be well suited for this field.

Inside the numbers

  • 22 | States that don’t recognize Computer Science classes toward math or high school graduation requirements, according to Computer Science Education Week.
  • $1.67 million | Projected lifetime earnings for Computer Science majors. That’s 40% more than the average for college grads in any field ($1.19 million).

Salary range

  • According to, computer science specialists average $79,000 per year. Most hold a bachelor’s degree, and salaries range from $44,450 to $79,530, according to U.S. News.

Possible Career options

  • CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER | At the executive level, oversee scientific and technological aspects of an organization. Heavy involvement with information technology in any field.
  • SOFTWARE SYSTEMS DEVELOPER | Design and test software for industry. Enhance and revise existing software. Data analysis, to plan system installations and modifications.
  • WEB DEVELOPER | Engineers behind Internet sites and processes. They’re involved from theoretical concepts to code writing to design and layout. Proficient in programming languages.

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