Wireless Internet from Frontier

Turn your home into a hotspot with wireless Internet from Frontier.

Frontier Internet starting at
$ 20 00 /mo

for 12 mos. Install., equip., Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes and other fees apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

Why wireless Internet from Frontier?

Explore the benefits of using a Frontier Home Wi-Fi network.


✓ Dedicated connection

We enable a better wireless Internet experience by offering you a single, direct connection to your home, meaning your wired network isn’t shared with hundreds of neighbors.


✓ 24/7 tech support

We offer technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a question, we’ll be there for you no matter the day or time.


✓ Wireless streaming at home

No ethernet cord, no problem. Connect to Frontier’s network from anywhere in your home with wireless Internet from Frontier. Whether you’re surfing, streaming or gaming, you’ll get a fast, dependable connection.

Which devices can I connect?

Learn about which devices you can connect on Frontier’s wireless network.

Laptops and tablets

Surf the web and stream TV shows from your laptop or tablet. All you need to do is connect to Frontier’s wireless network.

Mobile devices

Attached to your cell phone? We don’t blame you. You can connect your cell phone to the Internet with Wi-Fi.

Gaming systems

Have a gamer in your home? Connect your gaming console to Frontier’s wireless network for a fun-filled gaming experience in any room.

Build a wireless Internet bundle

Get more from your Frontier by bundling these great services.

TV from Frontier

Frontier offers premium TV service with features such as customizable channel packs, On-Demand entertainment and Netflix integration. Plus, you can stream shows and movies whenever and wherever you want with our complimentary FrontierTV app.

Home Phone from Frontier

Want crystal-clear call quality without taking a hit to your wallet? With a Home Phone from Frontier, you’ll get a quality connection on a network that’s been trusted for more than 100 years. No staticky lines or dropped calls – just great service.

Add Frontier Secure to wireless Internet bundle

Protect what matters most to you by adding Frontier Secure to your bundle.

Internet 9

✓ Identity protection

Frontier offers identity protection from online hackers, ensuring your personal and financial information stays safe.


✓ Device protection

Protect your desktop, laptop or tablet from accidental damage with Frontier Secure device protection.


✓ Backup services

Never lose a file, folder or photo again. With backup services from Frontier Secure, manage and restore information on your devices.


What is wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet creates a network that allows you to connect several devices to the Internet in your home. As long as a user is in a location with network coverage, they will be able to connect to the web via wireless Internet.


Can I protect my wireless signal?

Yes, you can protect against unauthorized network access with an encrypted password. Call our 24/7 technical support team for additional help.


Should I buy a wireless router?

Frontier provides you with a wireless router for a small monthly rental fee that is covered by 24/7 tech support.

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