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Frontier Internet starting at
$ 20 00 /mo

for 24 mos. Install., equip., Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes and other fees apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

Frontier Wi-Fi connects all your devices

Gaming systems

Conquer kingdoms and more when you connect your gaming system to Frontier Internet. Reliable speed and low latency can catapult you to the top of your game, no matter what game you play. Connect streaming services through your gaming system for more entertainment options.

Frontier wireless Internet has enough broadband strength to support what you find entertaining.

Much more

What else can you connect to fast Wi-Fi Internet from Frontier? Smart-home appliances and home security systems can operate on your Frontier Wi-Fi signal. Save data on your mobile phone plan – connect to your wireless Wi-Fi signal from Frontier instead.

As technology expands, connect even more of your everyday life with Frontier Internet Wi-Fi.

Mobile devices

With a Wi-Fi router, your Internet connection can reach web-enabled devices in your home. You can download movies on your laptop, stream music on your smartphone or watch TV shows on your tablet. With Frontier Wi-Fi, connect more than one device, even for media-rich activity.

In every room of the house, you’ll have access to your Frontier Internet signal.

Frontier Wireless Internet

Frequently asked questions

Build a Frontier Internet bundle

Add TV

Get hundreds of channels, several in HD. Frontier TV subscribers can add premium movie and sports networks, too. You can record more than one show at once on an advanced DVR. Watch your favorite shows, blockbuster movies and your home team’s matches on your schedule.

With streaming capability of your Frontier connection, Frontier TV completes total home entertainment. Your Frontier TV signal stays strong, even in bad weather. Frontier Fios, where available, delivers the ultimate TV experience, with unmatched resolution and sound quality.

Add home phone

Get crystal-clear connections and 100% reliability all over the house with Frontier home phone. Select a local or nationwide calling plan, or add a Frontier international calling plan. Overages, dropped calls, and weak signals aren’t issues with Frontier home phone.

Your Frontier home phone doesn’t quit, even when the power gives out. You’ll love convenient and intuitive call features, too. Get Caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and more.

Add Frontier Secure

Safeguard your identity, online activity and devices

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