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Why select Internet from Frontier?

Dependable speeds, affordable prices

Dependable Internet shouldn’t cost a fortune – and it doesn’t, with Frontier Communications. High-Speed Internet plans from Frontier provide plenty of speed. It’s enough for gaming, downloading, streaming, browsing and more. Get Frontier high-speed Internet without a phone connection.

The speed you need

Dial-up speed can’t catch up with life. Cable Internet can, at times. Peak times might become problematic. You’ll share your connection with as many as 500 neighbors. Who likes to wait on slow Internet? High-speed Internet means its lightning-quick – when you need it. It’s a direct line to your home – you share your signal with no one. It’s powerful enough to support streaming and online gaming. Add a Frontier router to create your own Wi-Fi network right in your home.

What is Frontier high-speed Internet?

High-speed Internet from Frontier gives you the broadband strength you need. Downloading movies or uploading video? Get a super-dependable connection for smooth surfing. Add a wireless router, and multiple devices in your home can connect to Frontier Internet. Check the weather, write your blog, track your favorite teams, and update social media, in a snap. It’s dependable Internet – no contract required.

What is Frontier FiOS?

Fiber-optic Internet. Future-ready technology powers the Frontier FiOS network. Hair-thin, flexible glass cables carry your Internet data in pulses of light. It’s known as Fiber to the Home, and it’s the latest in telecommunications technology. Cable Internet providers deliver a signal through copper wires. It’s an antiquated system not as dependable as fiber. You’re always connected, with Frontier FiOS. Switch to Frontier today and save on your Internet costs!

Build a Bundle with Frontier

Frontier home phone

Bundle Frontier home phone with high-speed Internet to cover all your communications needs. A Frontier home phone delivers near 100% dependability and crystal-clear connections. No dead spots, no dropped calls. For emergencies and everyday use, Frontier home phone is the right call. You’ll love the intuitive and convenient features. These include Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Block/Priority and more. Also, select from call plans that cover local calling, nationwide and International calling.

Digital TV

Bundle Frontier digital TV with high-speed Internet to cover all your entertainment needs. Frontier digital TV delivers the ultimate viewing experience. Watch popular TV shows and blockbuster movies. Get an array of exclusive features, plus hundreds of channels. Select from thousands of On Demand titles when you bundle in Frontier digital TV. See it all in stunning HD quality. Record shows to watch on your schedule, and pause, rewind, and fast-forward as you watch.

What's possible with Frontier High-Speed Internet?

With Internet speed you can count on day or night - plenty

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