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Your Computer Stays Safe with Frontier Secure

You spend lots of time online. Protecting your personal information is a huge priority. Whether it’s preventing cyber threats or guarding your bank information, Frontier Secure keeps your online identity safe. Frontier Secure services include: Identity Theft Protection, anti-spyware and malware software, and much more. Call to add peace of mind to your Frontier services today.

Frontier Secure protects your personal information through Identity Protection Service. Sign up for this service, and get access to credit experts in case something happens to your personal or financial information. Frontier will monitor your online financial transactions, and alert you of suspicious account activity. Frontier Secure includes regular check-ins to ensure your private information is safe.

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Frontier Computer Security

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Keep your devices safe

Frontier delivers total computer security. Aside from fast Internet and quality home entertainment, your personal information and device safety is crucial. Online threats come from many places, and not all are easy to spot. With Frontier Secure you’re guaranteed anti-spyware, anti-malware, phishing prevention, account monitoring, and more. Frontier also offers software expertise, tips and more online. Order Frontier services and get Frontier Computer Security today.

Keep your information safe

With Frontier Computer Security, you can pay bills, update social media and shop online without risking identity theft or threats to your bank account. For anyone who spends, shops, and connects online, safeguarding identity and assets is critical.

Frontier Secure provides guaranteed safety for your online identity.

U.S.-based tech support

Add Frontier Secure, and get free 24/7 technical support. Reach our U.S.-based tech support experts by phone or chat for guidance with device issues. Frontier Technical support can assist you with anything from fixing a wireless connection to new software installation. Frontier Technical support can also help with backing up your files, Frontier Device Protection, and free email address set up.

Frontier Secure: Backing up your files

They’re your photos, your movies, your hard drive, your life. Backing up your computer means taking care of what’s important. Frontier’s computer backups let you recover lost information, and keep data safe in case your computer breaks or crashes. Your files are in good hands, with Frontier Secure.

Take care of your devices

Accidents happen. With Frontier Device Protection, ensure your devices are covered. Frontier Device Protection covers mobile phones, monitors, tablets and more. Frontier Secure can cover some products out of warranty. It’s a snap to file a claim, too.

Bundle and Save with Frontier Secure

Protect your devices and bundle Frontier Internet, phone and entertainment to save big. Not only can you customize your bundled Frontier services, channel packs and high-speed Internet, you can also choose from Frontier Secure services to add, including: Device Protection, Identity Protection, Backup and Computer Security.

Frontier Internet Protection services also come with 24/7 tech support. Order today.

Bundle Frontier Internet and Phone Services

Frontier delivers reliable, high-speed Internet that lets you do what you love online. Bundle Internet with Frontier’s home phone service to get two services for one low price. With Frontier home phone unlimited calling plan, talk to family and friends all you want, no matter where they live across the country. Frontier’s Internet and phone services let you talk, connect and stream to multiple devices.

Add Frontier Internet Protection services to your bundle and start saving today.

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Call Frontier to speak with our customer service experts. They can help find the perfect plan for your home. Want tons of entertainment? Or just high-speed Internet? Our plans fit what you need. Get online faster without contracts or surprise price hikes.

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