How to Save Money on Internet Plans

Internet service is a monthly bill that seems to go up all the time. Much of this is due to “price creep”. This occurs when a provider begins with an attractive price package, but over time the cost rises. Periodically, they stuff hidden add-on fees into your bill. The next thing you know, you’re paying way more than you want to.

It might not be obvious, but there are ways to cut Internet costs. Let’s find out how.

Speed vs. Price – are you getting what you pay for?

For starters, don’t just look at price alone. For many, ultra-fast broadband speed is extremely important. Nobody wants their favorite Netflix program to stop, start and pixel. For businesses, any online delay or downtime can mean money lost.

That being said, your needs might not require the fastest speed available. For some, a regular car works just fine while others need a Ferrari. The key is to make an informed decision about packages and prices. Don’t let the telemarketers sell you something you don’t need.

For instance, 24 Mbps is ideal for families with 3-4 users. If you have six or more users streaming movies, video chatting and gaming, then you’ll need 90 Mbps or more.

Savings tip: Get the appropriate service that fits your needs.

Phone/TV Attachments – can you bundle and save more?

Another way to save on Internet costs is to bundle services together. For example, instead of paying separate cable, Internet and phone bills, you can roll them into one. If you pay for each one individually with different providers, the cost may be higher.

Separate services are more expensive since administrative costs get duplicated. Also, given the highly competitive market, Internet service providers are willing to cut you a deal offering convenient bundled services to win your business.

Savings tip: Check out bundle deals to max out value.

Internet Package Deals – what’s available in your area?

If you’re interested in the best Internet performance for the money, look into local package deals. For instance, in Florida, Texas, and California you can sign up for FiOS®. As far as value goes, this is one of the best options available.

Package deals, like FiOS®, have several advantages over standard Internet service, such as:

  • Direct line – Internet is delivered directly to your home. No sharing with neighbors which means better service and speed.
  • 100% fiber optic – Extremely reliable and capable of carrying high bandwidth. Plus, weather and temperature do not affect transmission.
  • TV options – You can have On Demand and Netflix integrations. Live TV apps let you watch from your tablet or phone.

To get an idea about the speed advantage, at 100 Mbps, you can download 10 songs in about 4 seconds. At 500 Mbps, it takes less than a second.

Savings tip: Shop around to find great package deals.


Don’t get caught up in spiraling Internet service costs. Define your needs, make an informed decision and get the most value for your money. The choice is yours.