Marvel - The Defenders

  • Luke Cage

    • Luke Cage is the son of a preacher and an ex police officer sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. During his stay, he was beaten and forced into an underground fighting ring ran by the sinister prison warden. One night, Luke is nearly beaten to death by other inmates and is subjected to an involuntary experimental procedure to bring him back to life. During the procedure, something goes wrong and gives Luke his superhuman strength and bullet proof skin. Luke Cage escapes the high security prison and spends then next few years running as a wanted fugitive.

    • Luke Cage is just trying to keep his head down and move on with his life when a new gang in town shoots up the barber shop he's working at, killing Harlem’s adopted father, Pops, forcing Luke Cage to come out of hiding and take a stand as the “Hero of Harlem”. This gang is taken over by a vicious arms dealer called Diamondback, who turns out to be Luke's half-brother.

    • We end in a brutal brother on brother showdown in the streets of Harlem between Luke Cage and Diamondback. Although Luke is able defeat his psychotically resentful brother, in the end he is taken back to prison for escaping to serve the rest of his time. We learn that Diamondback is under the care of the same doctor that did the experimental procedure on Luke giving him his super powers.

  • DareDevil

    • As a child, Matt Murdock was blinded by a radioactive chemical spill that fell from a truck after he had pushed a man out of the way to safety. The radioactive substance stole his eyesight but enhanced his other senses beyond normal human abilities, giving him what in essence is a radar sense of sight, turning him into the Daredevil.

    • Daredevil protects the people of New York, specifically in the recently demolished area of Hell’s Kitchen. Within the confines of Hell’s Kitchen, he's up against a myriad of villains including the Hand - an ancient organization bent on taking New York, King Pin - A brutal crime boss wanting to make Hell’s Kitchen into his vision of paradise, and the Punisher - A vigilante who appears out of nowhere into a brutal killing spree that sweeps the underworld.

    • Daredevil defeated the evil crime boss King Pin, who was sent to supermax prison, and with the help of his college ex-girlfriend turned "superhero" herself, defeat the current leader of the Hand, Nobu. Together, they also discover that the Punisher is not the psycho-killer they had originally thought.

  • Jessica Jones

    • Jessica Jones was a loner high school student with crushes on well knowns such as Peter Parker (Spider Man). During a road trip, her father lost control of the car and collided with an army truck transporting top secret experimental material. Everyone in Jessica’s family was killed, accept her. After being brought in by her future best friend’s mother, Jessica discovered that she now had super strength and an even more cynical view of the world.

    • After a brief stint of calling herself a “superhero”, Jessica decided to open her own private eye business in Hell's Kitchen named, "Alias Investigations". During a short, yet meaningful, relationship with Luke Cage, a super villain and clinical sociopath named Kilgrave, who has the power of mind control, stalks Jessica in a manipulative attempt to force her to love him.

    • Jessica, and her best friend Trish, come up with a cunning plan to convince Kilgrave that she is under his mind control, even though she has broken free from his mind controlling powers from a previous traumatic encounter, which allows her to get close enough to finish him off for good.

  • Iron Fist

    • Danny Rand (a.k.a. Iron Fist) is son of the business mogul Wendell Rand, who with Partner Harold Meachum, built the billion-dollar business that is Rand Enterprises in downtown Manhattan. During a flight over the Himalayas with his parents, their private jet crashes, killing everyone but young Danny. Danny is found by a pair of sacred monks belonging to an ancient order and is taken through a gate to their mystically hidden world (Kun Lun) that only opens every 15 years. It is here where Danny learns their ways and becomes the legendary kung fu master, bestowed with the ultimate power of the iron fist.

    • Danny secretly leaves the Kun Lun monastery when the gates open 15 years later only to find that Rand Enterprises is now run by his childhood friends, and Harold’s children, Ward and Joy Meachum. Harold has secretly made a deal with The Hand to come back to life while dying from cancer, and has hidden from the world using his son Ward to run business in The Hands favor. Harold becomes more and more brutal in his dealings, and tries to rid Danny from the company because he's finding out too much.

    • During a battle at Rand Enterprises, Iron Fist ends up on the roof fighting Harold. When he thinks it’s all is over, Harold appears to have defeated Iron Fist, Ward shows up and shoots his father, killing him for a third and hopefully final time. Now that Danny and Ward are at an understanding, Danny returns to the gates of Kun Lun only to find the gate is gone and bodies of his monk family are strewn about from agents of The Hand.

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