What is a SOHO Network?

More and more people are leaving the traditional work environment in favor of self-employment and entrepreneurial endeavors. To find success, small business owners need access to the Internet for their company’s computer network.

Unlike large businesses, small businesses don’t need large networks to support themselves and/or any employees online. These businesses are often referred to as Small Offices/Home Offices, and they can set up small office networks that cater to their online needs. These networks are called “SOHO networks.”

Some small businesses seek to cut costs even further and keep office space within the owner’s home. SOHO routers are also useful for these users, who can use them to set up home office networks for business and personal use.

SOHO networks are just LANs (local area networks) that support very small businesses. SOHO businesses are considered any business that is made up of 1 to 10 people.

Here are two popular SOHO routers available for purchase:

Cisco SOHO 90 Series

This router is ideal for very small businesses of about 1 to 5 employees. With this router, small office networks and home office networks will be equipped with the necessary security features to keep themselves and their business protected online. The Cisco SOHO 90 Series router includes features such as:

  • Firewall protection
  • Encryption for VPN
  • Easy setup
  • Management capabilities
  • Low operational costs

D-Link DIR-640L Wireless N300 SOHO VPN Router

With this router, SOHOs will be able to configure the computer network they need within their small/home offices. Like the Cisco SOHO router, this is a great device for small businesses. It’s easy to set up and it offers great security features. With the Wireless N300 SHO VPN router, users can expect:

  • Configurable interface
  • Dual Active Firewall protection
  • WPATM or WPA2TM encryption
  • VPN server

Make sure you do some research online and read any reviews you can before you purchase a SOHO router. The right router will give you the functionality to operate your business effectively online.