Troubleshooting Slow Internet

If you have ever asked yourself “why is my Internet running slowly?” you are not alone. Slow internet is a problem that confuses many people. It can be hard to pinpoint the issue with Internet service because the problem may have more than one origin. Once you identify the problem, you can help yourself improve Internet speed.

Bad Wi-Fi Signal

Wi-Fi signal strength directly relates to how well your Internet works. Sometimes, you can fix your slow Internet by situating yourself closer to your wireless router.

Other times, this just doesn’t cut it. If sitting closer doesn’t work or if your router has a bad connection, a hard restart could be your solution.

Outdated computers and software

Software companies work hard to provide the newest, most technologically advanced programs. Though it seems like the latest and greatest computer software will have you surfing the web in no time, that’s not always the case.

For instance, your computer and its hardware can be incompatible with the latest version of software. If you’re computer or laptop has been purchased within the last five years, this issue probably isn’t relevant to you. But if you have a computer that is more than five years old, brand new software could actually slow it down due to technological incompatibility.

Your Internet Plan and Speed

The right Internet service provider gives you a better chance at eliminating slow Internet. If you experience slow Internet service in your home, and have done your best to troubleshoot, consider what service and speed you’ve selected.

Streaming movies and playing sophisticated online games requires a high-speed Internet connection. Think about the activities that you carry out on the Internet on a daily basis, and talk to your service provider about an Internet speed that fits your needs.

Ask for a speed that lets you accomplish your favorite web activities without long loading times. If the provider you speak with doesn’t have good options, shop around. There many quality Internet providers on the market.

Finding the source of your Internet problem is half the battle. Don’t lose patience and take the proper steps in getting the most out of your Internet!