5 Reasons to Keep Your Landline

According to ACA International, only 41% of American homes are operating solely through the use of wireless services. Holding on to a landline may seem like a dated feature, but that is because many families are unaware of the excellent benefits and purposes that landlines have to offer. Here are 5 reasons why you should keep your landline:

1.) A landline provides better security.

What many people do not know is that cells phones can only detect the general vicinity of a user and cannot detect the exact address or coordinates of their location like a landline can. A landline connects you to your exact address and even apartment number, so in case of emergencies the 911 operator or other safety service can locate you. Not to mention, many home security systems require a landline to operate. In addition, a landline will still work during a power outage as long as it is connected to a corded base.

2.) Landlines have a clear connection.

Do you experience frequent dropped calls or interference with your wireless phone? Do you live in a remote location that makes it difficult to receive the proper wireless needed for your cell phone to receive and make phone calls? Landlines are known for having consistent and high-quality voice transmissions making each phone call crystal clear.

3.) A landline is a low maintenance device.

Landlines usually don’t require upgrades and are generally durable devices that can withstand years of wear and tear. Not to mention, they are convenient as they can receive service at every end of your home without transmission interruption.

4.) It serves a more general purpose.

A landline is a perfect alternative for those who are not comfortable giving out their personal cell phone number. It is perfect for over-the-phone bill pay as sometimes it can be dangerous to use cell phones because they often run off of radio waves which can be intercepted and can lead to someone stealing your information.

5.) There are many different devices to choose from.

Whether you want a classic antique corded phone to make a statement in your home, or a cutting edge wireless phone that you can use even outside of the house, there are home phones that are suitable for everyone. Many landline phones sport impressive features like large touch tone buttons, 3 way calling, and caller id.

You will not only benefit from the added safety and features from keeping your landline, but also from the low maintenance and usability. Landlines provide users with a service that is easy to use and always reliable.