Does Your Business Need A Landline?

Landlines are still an important tool for businesses. You might rely on your mobile devices for communication now, but there are several good business reasons to have a landline.

They’re Dependable

We all know that cell service isn’t a guarantee. Whether you’re in a major city or small town, you’re likely going to encounter “dead zones” where you don’t get service. With a landline, you can trust that people can reach your business even if you’re in a field with no reception. You can then use call forwarding or a messaging service to relay the message to your cell phone.

Anyone Can Use It

Company cell phones quickly become personal devices when they’re given to employees. Sure your business owns the line (and device), but one person controls it and it becomes associated with their life. If that person chooses to leave the company, then you’ll need to either change the number or go through the hassle of changing the account info.

With landlines, multiple people can share the same number and you don’t have to worry about canceling the line or updating account information when someone moves on. Of course, some people will need mobile numbers (maybe field sales), but you don’t have to maintain separate mobile numbers for everyone.

Lower Overhead

Landlines themselves are low cost, but they are even more of a deal when you think about hardware. Mobile phones become obsolete like any other computer, but landline phones can last decades. Further, it’s less expensive to replace your standard phone than to replace a mobile device.

It’s Less of a Commitment

You typically sign a contract when you get a new mobile plan or device. That contract can be from 1-3 years and will have penalties if you exit early. That’s a lot of commitment. In contrast, most companies won’t ask for a long-term contract when you sign up for a landline. You might agree to a bundle or package to save money, but you’re not “trapped” in that agreement.

It’s Straightforward

With a landline, you make calls and maybe fax documents. That’s it. You don’t have games or apps or other ways to distract yourself. Of course, it’s nice to have email on your phone but it’s not a requirement if you’re already sitting at your desk.

If you’re focused on making phone calls, then why not keep things simple? Drop the (unnecessary) bells and whistles, and focus on making calls.

It Makes a Statement About You

A phone number can become part of your brand when it’s associated with your business for years. Showing your commitment to a landline — and promoting that number as the way to reach you no matter what — is a great way to build trust and visibility.

Another perk of the landline is that you can get a number that reinforces your brand. Unlike cell numbers, you can still often get custom landline phone numbers that include words or number sequences that are easy for customers to remember.

Landlines are not for every business, but they still offer a lot of value. Give real thought to keeping or adding one in your office for convenience, dependability, branding and cost savings.