What is Naked DSL?

Naked DSL is DSL without a phone line. To better understand Naked DSL, it is helpful to first understand DSL.

What is DSL?

DSL, short for digital subscriber line, is a way of accessing the Internet. This service runs through a phone line in order to provide Internet to the building. Your DSL connection uses a piece of equipment called a “splitter” in order to allow you to use both your phone and Internet services at the same time.

DSL connections use a modem to convert Internet into usable, digital Internet for your devices. You can connect your devices wirelessly with a router, or use an Ethernet cord.

Naked DSL

Naked DSL is a DSL without phone line connection. Naked DSL Internet will still use your phone line to provide you with Internet; however, it will not include the splitter in its system to allow you to have both services. Without the splitter you cannot use both services.

This service is best for users who want DSL without a phone line.

Can I have a phone with Naked DSL?

If a phone and Internet bundle is what you’re looking for then you should choose a regular DSL plan for your home or business. Naked DSL networks are recommended to users who do not want or need a phone.

If you have a Naked DSL system and you want a phone, there are a few things you can do.

Use a digital phone service, also known as VoIP. This service allows you to talk on the phone using an Internet connection. With a router, your Naked DSL would provide this necessary Internet. You can use VoIP with an electronic device that has speakers and a microphone.

Buy a cell phone. Cell phones work on their own networks and do not need to be plugged in to a static phone line for use.

Ask your provider if it is possible to modify your service and install a splitter into your system. This would allow you to access your phone service and be able to use both phone and Internet simultaneously.