How to Set Up Email


If the advantages of having an email address are enough to convince you, you’ll need to know some tips and … Read More

Analog vs Digital Telephones

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Digital phones process sound as digital data and this improves on the analog calling features and makes new ones available. Despite the fact that analog phone systems are still available, digital phone systems have made significant inroads in the past years, thanks largely to the popularity of wireless phones and the availability of residential digital communications.

The Importance of Testing Your Internet Speed

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No matter what type of Internet you are running it is important to keep track of your Internet speed. Knowing your Internet speed and noticing any differences in performance speed can greatly help you when it comes to both using the Internet and dealing with your service provider.

5 Reasons to Keep Your Landline

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According to ACA International, only 41% of American homes are operating solely through the use of wireless services. Holding on to a landline may seem like a dated feature, but that is because many families are unaware of the excellent benefits and purposes that landlines have to offer. Here are 5 reasons why you should keep your landline: