Top 10 Web Apps You Need to Stay Connected During a Pandemic.

Here’s how to stay connected to family and friends, coworkers, social groups and more.

These web apps help to ease the barrier of space when we can’t be together physically.

Top 5 work apps to keep your team connected.

Zoom: A video conferencing platform which allows users to engage in conversation via video chat, over the phone or even linked to conference rooms.

Skype: A communications platform which enables users to engage in conversation through video chat, phone calls and more.

G Suite: Access documents, spreadsheets, slides and more on a cloud based platform. Share your work with team members for edits, feedback and collaborate in real time.

Slack: A messaging platform to engage in discourse through channels. Add everyone needed for a project, then share documents, videos and more.

TINYpulse: A company social platform for collaboration, feedback, recognition and growth measurement.

Top 5 personal apps to keep your social life flourishing.

Facebook Messenger: Send direct messages to your friendlist, video chat, make phone calls and more. Messenger makes it feel like you’re actually hanging out. 

Twitter: Keep up with the world via live updates from politicians, organizations like WHO (World Health Organization) and your other favorite sources. 

Whatsapp: Send reliable messages nationally or internationally. Create SMS style messages, voice recordings and make phone calls or video chats with ease.

Telegram: Send secure messages to groups with up to 200,000 people. Organize, store, make phone calls and coordinate through the cloud based platform.

Viber: Enjoy audio and video calls from friends and family, send instant voice and video messages, create groups and send dynamic messages.