Goal-Setting Apps for Kids

Experts agree: Teaching kids to work toward age-appropriate goals can help them to become successful adults. Achieving goals helps children to develop a sense of responsibility for their actions and build self-efficacy, the confidence that they can succeed in reaching their objectives.

People with high self-efficacy believe they can change their situation by changing their behavior, and are subsequently more likely to persevere when facing obstacles than those with lower self-efficacy, who are more prone to becoming discouraged (and giving up). Self-efficacy can have a profound impact on a person’s life, so it’s never too early to begin fostering that confidence.

Work with your child at home to find the teachable moments in chores, homework, allowance and other everyday routines. We’ve compiled a list of tools for helping your kids set – and achieve! – their goals and resolutions.


Goal Tracker & Habit List

Goal Tracker & Habit List allows little goal-setters to put a big, satisfying checkmark on the calendar for each day they complete a task or make measurable progress toward a goal, whether it’s doing their homework on time or completing a chore. With the visualization of their current “streak,” kids can compete against themselves to keep their momentum going.

Cost: FREE | Available for: Android | Similar: Don’t Break the Chain! for Apple


Piggybank is a new app that allows parents to easily assign household chores – and kids to collect their allowance upon completing tasks. Unlike a chore chart taped to the fridge, this list is stored in the cloud and is accessible anywhere. Notifications when a task is added or completed keep everyone in the house on the same page. Piggybank is currently preparing to launch the Piggybank MasterCard – “a credit card with training wheels” that has handy parental controls like spending limits and location restrictions. Parents can set value amounts for each chore and pay allowance with just a few taps. With Piggybank, kids can get an early start on learning to manage their own money and work toward their first financial goals.

Cost: FREE | Available for: Apple | Similar: PennyOwl Allowance for Android


ChoreMonster is a simple chores/reward app that’s built especially for younger kids. Parents can set a task schedule and assign different point values to each task. Kids earn points for completed tasks, which they can save up to “buy” rewards like an hour of TV time or dessert. ChoreMonster emphasizes a task-centric to-do list (rather than financial goals) to teach kids responsibility, and the value of their time.

Cost: FREE | Available for: Apple, Android


Like ChoreMonster, iRewardChart encourages children to bank points to buy designated rewards – but the emphasis here is on good behavior rather than completing tasks. iRewardChart features a child-friendly Star Chart for tracking how children behave each day – whether they use their manners or share, for example – to teach children which behaviors are rewarded, and which have negative consequences. The highly visual Star Chart may be more appealing to younger children, who struggle to grasp the abstract value of actual money.

Cost: $3.99 | Available for: Apple, Android

Learn & Earn

Learn & Earn from Amazon gives children a serious incentive to practice elementary school math. Parents can set time, day, or time and day goals for their children to practice math skills through charming games and quizzes. If the goal is met – for example, 10 minutes of practice per day for five days in a row – the child can choose a real reward through the app, delivered by Amazon (within price limits set by his or her parents).


Cost: Free trial, then $5/month | Available for: Apple | Similar: PlayPozz for Android


Mint is a powerful tool for children who are old enough to understand the concept of money and are ready to try saving and budgeting on for size. Simply sync the app with a bank account, and kids can set savings goals and view their progress; Mint also creates several graphs and charts to track spending by week or month. Our favorite feature is the customizable budgets for categories like “shopping” and “entertainment” – Mint even sends notifications when spending exceeds the limits you’ve set.

Cost: FREE | Available for: Apple, Android