The Defenders


Step inside the Marvel Universe: An Interactive Guide to The Defenders  

What’s better than one crime fighting hero? How about four crime fighting heroes. Marvel’s The Defenders, an 8-part miniseries streaming on Netflix, brings together everyone’s favorite superhero misfits — Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and the Iron Fist — as they take on evil in New York City’s seedy underbelly.

Think you’re ready to step back into the Marvel universe with them? Brush up on your Defenders’ knowledge before you start streaming with an interactive superhero guide from Frontier Communications.

Learn how Jessica Jones and Daredevil took on villains in Hell’s Kitchen, where Luke Cage got his superhuman strength from and how the Iron Fist became a kung fu master. And watch them all with Frontier TV’s Netflix Integration. Fighting crime never looked so good.