Best Web Extensions for Productivity | Increase Productivity

Antisocial Media Enforcer:
Focal Filter

What It Delivers: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – time sucks, all. FocalFilter blocks them so you can finish the job. Just list forbidden sites and the time frame they should remain blocked.

In Action: Give yourself two tweet-free hours to finish a project. You can do it!


Button Bar:
Bookmark Keeper

What It Delivers: Ability to create extra Customizable bookmark bars. Build bookmarks for specific projects for quick access to links. Bookmarks are easy to add and categorize.

In Action: One-click access to sites makes it a breeze to pick up a project where you left off.


Coupon Curator:

What It Delivers: A safe spot for all your online coupons and sales. Honey-supported e-stores display a Honey button to let you clip and save coupons. Honey also saves your universal checkout form.

In Action: Shop online, while Honey scours the web to find coupon codes.


Email Boss:

What It Delivers:Take control of your inbox with Boomerang, an email productivity app for Gmail and Android. Schedule emails to send later or snooze messages out of your inbox, until you're ready for them. With Boomerang, you can answer emails on your time.

In Action: Schedule work email answered Sunday night to arrive at 8 a.m. Monday.


Expense Organizer:

What It Delivers: Uploads online purchases as receipts to your credit-card accounts. This way, you can check your spending against charges. Expensify also streamlines the expense report process. With Expensify, there’s less fuss with paperwork and more time for actual work.

In Action: Track time and money spent and mileage on Expensify's dashboard.


Grammar help:

What It Delivers: Grammatical backup. Grammarly picks up more than 250 advanced grammar rules. It'll check for comma splices and sequences of tenses. Grammarly adjusts to the genre of your work. Grammarly can save you time in the editing process by catching mistakes before you do.

In Action: Edit cover letters, resumes and supporting documents for a clean delivery.


My eBay Manager:
Eye on the Auction

What It Delivers: A way to track your eBay auctions while you're on the web, without having to log into the eBay page. Track items you sell and stay on top of auctions you've bid on.

In Action: Keep a visual on your eBay activity while you work on other projects.


Thriftiness Enabler:

What It Delivers: Automatic price comparison. If you're at the big-box site shopping for a trampoline, ShopGenius will tell you if another retailer has a lower price. And it will link you to it, too.

In Action: Read reviews of the products you shop for.


To-do List Tackler:

What It Delivers: A cross-platform task manager. TickTock gives you offline access to data, and allows you to drag tasks to rearrange your calendar. Sync all to-do lists to all devices.

In Action: Create subtasks in your checklist for those tasks that can't be done in one step.


Tribe Tracker:

What It Delivers: It's a cure for contact fragmentation. That's a time-wasting practice of skipping from site to site to find contact information. Nimble tracks your interactions with all your contacts.

In Action: Track contacts' social networks & activity in what Nimble calls relationship intelligence.