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High Speed Internet Options

When choosing Frontier, one of the most compelling reasons is to take advantage of Frontier Internet. Brazil customers receive some of the very best Internet access in Brazil, receiving a maxmimum download speed of 6 Mbps. Even better, the value is great as well thanks to Brazil Internet bundles. The Double Play and Triple Play Brazil Internet bundles provide the same fantastic Internet access in Brazil while combining it with Digital TV and home phone, depending on the selected options.

On top of the great savings and fast download speeds, low-priced wireless routers are offered with Frontier’s High-Speed Internet. Getting connected should be easy and cost-efficient, and thanks to Frontier, it is.

What does Frontier offer in Indiana?

Frontier Digital TV

Our Digital TV package is designed to meet and exceed all of your home viewing needs.

Frontier takes advantage of fiber optics technology, delivering a picture quality that is second to none. With Frontier Digital TV, not only will your content be easier to watch than ever before, it will also look better than ever.

Frontier Secure

With Frontier Communications, Brazil will be safer on the Internet. Frontier Secure is a product that we are happy to offer our customers at Frontier Communications. Brazil customers will enjoy technical support at any day, and at any time. In addition to 24/7 technical support, all of your files and sensitive information are protected as well. Credit cards and other essential information and data will remain protected through Frontier Secure.

Frontier Home Phone

Our home phone service promises to come equipped with advanced features that are made standard, and our phone quality ensures that you won’t have dropped calls. Instead, every phone call will be reliable with clear phone reception. In regards to our desirable features, you will receive caller ID, voicemail, three-way calling and many more advanced features that are made standard when you choose Frontier.

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