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As a city with one of the most noteworthy and distinguished Civil War histories in America, Statesboro residents value businesses and brands with strong histories. Like Statesboro, Frontier prides itself on having an appealing and history-rich tradition that inspires confidence in customers.

Upon choosing Frontier, Statesboro residents quickly realize the wisdom in their decision. Frontier has a long-standing history of providing great services at great values to all of its customers.

Frontier Internet Statesboro

By choosing Frontier Internet, Statesboro customers will immediately discover the benefits of choosing Frontier Communications. Statesboro Internet bundles provide 6 Mbps download speeds that give reliable Internet access in Statesboro. This reliable Internet access in Statesboro is exceeded only by the cost savings. When customers choose Statesboro Internet bundles such as Triple Play, they will combine Internet with home phone and Digital TV for a package that is designed to help you save big.

Frontier Secure

When choosing Frontier Communications, Statesboro is more secure. That is to say, they are Frontier Secure with Frontier Communications. Frontier Secure provides customers with safety and security features for all of their files and sensitive online information. Credit card information and more are all protected with Frontier, and you will be able to receive support around the clock, since hackers do not take breaks. 24/7 technical support should be a staple of any security program, and that is why Frontier provides this value to its customers.

Frontier Digital TV

Our Digital TV package is designed to work around you. What this means is that you can expect to have DVR in your Digital TV package, giving you the power to watch TV in the way you see fit. We also offer hundreds of HD channels that utilize our fiber optics technology, delivering the best picture possible.

Frontier Home Phone

Frontier makes advanced features standard. Our home phone service includes voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and so much more in our home phone service. Additionally, there are never dropped calls if you make the switch to Frontier. Every call that you do make will have clarity, making each and every phone call an enjoyable experience.

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Whether you need Internet security, an Internet package, home phone or TV, Frontier can help.