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w/ 2 yr. agmt.

Get fast, reliable Internet access in Charleston when you choose Frontier Communications in Charleston. You can have High-Speed Internet, Digital TV and clear phone service at affordable pricing that you can rely on.

Residents can choose from Double Play and Triple Play Charleston Internet bundles to get the service they want at a price that meets their budget. Frontier Secure will protect you while you surf the Web, whether you’re checking your email or getting directions to visit the Governor’s Mansion. You get great service for your entertainment and communication needs from Frontier Charleston.

Your Wi-Fi router lets everyone at home stay connected no matter what room they’re hanging out in. Watching movies, browsing online and calling friends and family is easy for anyone with Charleston Internet bundles from Frontier.

Stay connected with Frontier phone service

Frontier Communications in Charleston provides Charleston homes with crystal clear phone service that can be bundled for more savings. Phone calls stay clear and connected, and you won’t be stuck with grainy quality from poor connections.

The features you want from your service are available with Frontier Charleston. 3-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting are among the choices you can expect. You’ll save even more when you choose a package that also offers Charleston Internet with Frontier Secure or Digital TV. Whether you’re calling your neighbor to chat or the Kanawha Valley Historical Society for their operating hours, you’ll stay connected with Frontier in Charleston.

Get High-Speed Internet with Frontier

You can do more with your Internet access in Charleston when you have service with Frontier. Reliable, High-Speed Internet connections allow you to avoid lag times so you can enjoy your online experience even more. You can download your favorite tunes, watch movies on your laptop, or play group games online, all with your Charleston Internet connection from Frontier.

Frontier Secure Keeps You Safe Online

Keep your Internet connection safe with Frontier Secure, which protects your identity and your devices while giving you access to tech support around-the-clock. It’s tailor-made protection for your Internet access in Charleston. Back up your files and stay safe with anti-virus protection while you visit your favorite social media sites or check your account balances.

Stay entertained with Digital TV

Get HD entertainment for less with Charleston Internet bundles from Frontier. By adding Digital TV to your bundle, you’ll have access to a variety of channels to watch all your favorite shows, from sitcoms to the latest movie releases.

Frontier Internet in Charleston uses broadband technology to give residents high-quality entertainment, whether you’re having a movie night with your friends or using DVR to record the shows you want to catch up on in your free time. Packaging phone service, Internet with Frontier Secure and Digital TV saves Charleston households money while giving quality service.

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