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w/ 2 yr. agmt.

As a town in the Plott Balsam Mountains, the views in Sylva are incredible. Coupled with its wide range of beautiful parks, and it is plain to see why the eyes are immediately drawn to the landscape surrounding the town. Frontier offers a Digital TV package with stunning HD picture quality that hopes to draw the eyes of Sylva residents as well.

By choosing Frontier, Sylva residents receive a picture quality that comes close to matching the lovely Plott Balsam Mountains. In addition, Frontier Communications provides residents with great home phone and Internet solutions at competitive prices as well.

Plans & Pricing

Frontier Internet Sylva

By choosing Frontier Internet, Sylva gets reliable customer service, fast download speeds and affordable prices. Sylva Internet bundles enhance the affordability aspect, while still giving the same quality Internet access in Sylva. Frontier’s Sylva Internet bundles provide fast Internet access in Sylva in addition to giving great Digital TV and home phone options as well.

The download speeds that clock in at a robust 6 Mbps and the bundle savings are simply where the value begins. In addition to all of that, free wireless routers are included in every package, meaning you don’t have to spend extra to get the entire home connected when you choose Frontier.

Frontier Secure

With Frontier Communications, Sylva will be able to browse with peace of mind. By choosing Frontier Communications, Sylva customers can opt in to choose Frontier Secure. This service is designed to keep you and all of your sensitive information safe from prying eyes. All of your sensitive credit card information and personal details are safe and secure, and you will have 24/7 technical support available to you at all times should you need it. Consider this another way that Frontier shows you that the customer is a priority down to the last detail.

Frontier Digital TV

Our Digital TV packages come equipped with hundreds of HD channels, meaning you are never left wanting for content. Enjoy all of your favorite shows, movies and sports with fiber optics technology that delivers an unmatched picture quality.

DVR is included in every Digital TV package as well, ensuring that you will never miss out on an episode from your favorite show again. When it comes to Digital TV, Frontier has your back.

Frontier Home Phone

Our home phone service makes advanced phone features standard features, and this value shows up immediately. Expect to receive caller ID, voicemail, three-way calling and many more desirable features when you pick Frontier.

Best of all, you won’t have dropped calls, and every call will be reliable with distinct and clear quality. Bundling our phone service with Internet and Digital TV allows you to take the savings to the next level.

No matter what your home communications needs are, Frontier can help.

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