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$ 19 99 /mo.

for yr. 1, $34.99 for yr. 2. Includes $50 gift card with 2 yr. agmt.

Ideally located on the Rum River, Milaca residents enjoy vistas filled with natural beauty and serenity. Frontier would like to bring an ideal solution to the homes of Milaca residents, giving them an ideal home communications solution to match their idyllic outdoors.

By choosing Frontier, Milaca customers will be able to take advantage of the wide range of features and affordability that Frontier is known for. Frontier will ably provide for all of your high-speed Internet, home phone and Digital TV needs, offering Milaca Internet bundles and great savings every step of the way.

Plans & Pricing

Frontier Internet Milaca

With Frontier Internet, Milaca residents receive exemplary savings through our Milaca Internet bundles and they receive great performance and download speeds as well. Customers can expect download speeds of up to 6 Mbps for some of the fastest Internet access in Milaca. These download speeds are exceeded only by the savings of choosing our Triple Play bundle, enabling customers to receive huge savings on Internet, home phone and Digital TV.

In order to further demonstrate that Frontier offers some of the best Internet access in Milaca, all of our Milaca customers will receive a free wireless router in order to get the whole home connected to the Internet. Getting your home connected is easy with Frontier Communications!

Frontier Secure

By choosing Frontier Communications, Milaca customers can rest assured that they are placing their trust in a company that values their online safety. We make sure that happens through Frontier Secure, our online security that ensures you and all of your sensitive information are protected online.

Also, we offer you 24/7 technical support, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it. This is just one more way that Frontier demonstrates how much we value our customers.

Frontier Digital TV

At Frontier, we believe in providing big value to our customers. That is why we include DVR with our Digital TV plans, enabling you to watch all of your favorite content when you want to watch. Better yet, there is always something worth watching through Frontier, with hundreds of HD channels available. Our HD channels take advantage of fiber optics technology, ensuring that you are getting the best digital picture.

Selecting our Triple Play bundle allows you to take advantage of the best savings possible while getting our high-speed Internet, Digital TV and home phone in one bundle.

Frontier Home Phone

When choosing Frontier Communications, Milaca customers can also receive outstanding home phone service. Frontier promises that you will never have a dropped call once you make the switch to Frontier. Every call will be remarkably clear and give you the kind of phone clarity that you have always wanted.

In addition, Frontier provides a range of advanced features that come standard with our phone service. Examples of our desirable features include call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID and voicemail. There are plenty more features where these came from, and our savings that you can take advantage of by bundling sweeten the deal even further.

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