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for 12 mos. Install., equip., Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes and other fees apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

Do you need better Internet access in Muskegon?

With Frontier, Muskegon residents can get high-speed Internet at an affordable price. With Muskegon Internet bundles from Frontier, you can bundle Internet with other services, such as home phone and digital TV, for an even lower monthly price.

Bundles are a great way to save money on the services you use in your home every day.

Choose a Double Play for amazing high-speed Internet and home phone service from Frontier Communications. Muskegon residents have a variety of Double Play options to choose from.

Upgrade your Double Play for even greater savings on Muskegon Internet, home phone and digital TV services.

Frontier offers a great way to enjoy the best in home entertainment and communications at a price that won’t break the bank.

Choose a Frontier bundle and lock in your price for one year without a contract.

Frontier Internet offers great service at a great price

Whether you attend Muskegon Community College or work in the area, it’s important to have reliable Internet in your home. With Frontier, Muskegon residents can get high-speed Internet that is fast, dependable and affordable.

Choose Frontier Internet; Muskegon customers have options. There are plans with higher speeds for heavy Internet users who are always online watching videos and connecting on social media. Light users can choose a plan that gives them the performance they need for tasks like email and occasional Web surfing.

Pair services to create Muskegon Internet bundles that provide the services you need at one low monthly price.

Frontier Secure keeps your identity and your devices safe

Choose from Muskegon Internet bundles to save money on your Frontier services. With Frontier Communications, Muskegon residents have the option to add Frontier Secure to their bundle for a great value. Frontier is a great source of Muskegon Internet and Frontier Secure gives users a great way to stay safe whenever they go online.

Frontier Secure is a suite of products that prevent viruses and other harmful threats to your computer. Frontier Secure also protects your identity and even provides 24/7 credit monitoring. With Frontier Secure, you’ll be able to backup important documents.

Bundle these services with Frontier Internet. Muskegon residents have great options when it comes to home entertainment and communications with Frontier.

Frontier Digital TV is a great add-on to other Frontier services

If you’re already planning on order Muskegon Internet and phone from Frontier, consider adding Digital TV to your bundle. It’s the best way to get the latest and greatest entertainment delivered right to your living room.

With Digital TV from Frontier, Muskegon residents can access all their favorite channels – even premium channels with the most popular shows and movies. You can choose from hundreds of HD and all-digital channels. Bundle all three Frontier services together for affordable TV, home phone and Internet access in Muskegon.

Frontier Phone offers a better home phone experience

With home phone service from Frontier, Muskegon residents can be sure they have a dependable way to connect with friends and family. Because cellphones can offer spotty service, it’s best to order home phone service from Frontier Communications. Muskegon callers can get free nationwide calling and a number of popular calling features.

Enjoy calling features such as Call Forwarding, Caller ID and Call Blocking. Call today to bundle services for great home phone and Internet access in Muskegon. With a Frontier Double Play, you’ll get these two awesome services for one low monthly price.

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