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As the central hub for commerce and communications in Northeast Michigan, Alpena knows the importance of helping people stay connected. Frontier pays it forward by doing the same for Alpena, providing reliable and advanced home phone, high-speed Internet and Digital TV.

When choosing Frontier, Alpena customers can rest assured that they are choosing a home communications provider that caters to their every need. Frontier goes the extra mile as well by offering great Alpena Internet bundles that bundle Internet, home phone and Digital TV for maximum savings.

Plans & Pricing

Frontier Internet Alpena

Alpena Internet bundles provides some of the fastest Internet access in Alpena in addition to offering great cost savings. IN terms of the Internet access in Alpena, customers will receive Internet that gives download speeds of up to 6 Mbps. This is merely where the value of Frontier Internet begins, however.

When choosing Frontier, Internet bundles such as Double Play give you home phone and Internet at a greatly reduced rate. Alternatively, you can choose the Triple Play bundle that combines home phone, Internet and Digital TV into one compelling package. Finally, Frontier offers free wireless routers to customers, ensuring that you don’t have to pay extra to get the entire home connected.

Frontier Digital TV

No matter what your favorite content to watch might be, Frontier’s Digital TV has you covered. Frontier offers hundreds of channels to its customers in HD, and its fiber optics technology is particularly current and at the pinnacle of cable TV technology.

Best of all, you don’t have to miss your favorite programming with Frontier. We make sure to provide free DVR to customers, allowing them to watch all of their favorite content at a time that suits them best. Choosing a bundle like Triple Play will allow you to have the most savings while enjoying your Digital TV. The Triple Play bundle combines home phone, Internet and Digital TV into one great package.

Frontier Secure

With Frontier Communications, Alpena and its sensitive data is secure. Frontier promises works to protect all of your sensitive online data such as credit card information with Frontier Secure.

Frontier Secure is also always ready to assist you, offering 24/7 technical support to take care of all of your technological questions and issues that you might have.

Frontier Home Phone

The value of Frontier’s home phone service could not be clearer. Every phone call promises to be distinct and clear, and Frontier promises that you will never experience a dropped call.

Further, Frontier will offer many advanced features as standard. Customers can expect desirable features like voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling and plenty of other great features with their home phone service through Frontier.

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Simply put, with Frontier Communications, Alpena customers are taken care of at every turn. If you need Internet, home phone, Digital TV, online security or all of the above, Frontier is equipped to handle your needs. Call us today to find out more about how we can help.

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