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Connersville has been known as “Little Detroit” because of its relevance to the automobile industry in the United States. All of this is to say that Connersville is something of an expert in helping people reach their destination. Frontier Communications does the same for its customers while talking on the phone or browsing online. In short, with Frontier, Connersville residents find a business that has the same mindset.

Frontier Secure

By choosing Frontier Communications, Connersville customers are choosing a company that puts them first. One of the best ways we do that is by offering Frontier Secure, and it is an invaluable way to keep you safe when choosing Frontier Communications.

Plans & Pricing

Frontier Internet Connersville

There are a wide range of benefits to choosing Frontier Internet. Connersville residents receive 6 Mbps download speeds with reliable Internet access in Connersville, and the prices are competitive thanks to Frontier’s Connersville Internet bundles. Connersville Internet bundles package in the speedy Internet access in Connersville with its attractive Digital TV and reliable home phone offerings through the Triple Play bundle.

On top of all of the quality offerings mentioned above, it must be noted that Frontier also includes a free wireless router in every Internet package. This ensures that customers save big by not needing to buy expensive additional equipment just to get their home connected.

Frontier Digital TV

With Frontier, there is something for the whole family to watch. Even better, DVR is included so customers can watch what they want to watch, when they want to view it. Speaking of the viewing, the quality is something else as well. The fiber optics technology ensures that every image will be as detailed as it should be, allowing the living room to really come to life.

Sports, movies and more will all look better than ever, and they will be more affordable than ever when customers take part in a Triple Play bundle.

Frontier Home Phone

Frontier home phone is heavy on bringing the value to customers. Expect plenty of advanced features to come standard when you choose Frontier. Features such as voicemail, call forwarding and three-way calling are standard when you make the move to Frontier.

Better yet, calls are always clear and distinct, and Frontier promises all of its customers that they will not experience dropped calls. This is yet another way Frontier sets itself apart when it comes to customer service.

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