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for 12 mos. Install., equip., Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes and other fees apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

High Speed Internet in Tuscola

Tuscola touts its ability to knit a strong community, evidenced by its motto that simply states “a complete community”. In similar fashion, Frontier Communications strives to provide quality home communications products and combine these products with friendly customer service, resulting in a vibrant community feel that keeps our customers happy.

With Frontier Internet, Tuscola customers receive some of the most reliable Internet access in Tuscola. You will be able to enjoy speedy 6 Mbps download speeds, but we go the extra mile at Frontier Communications. You can also expect a low-priced wireless router when you choose our Internet, making it easier than ever to get your home connected.

Also, our Tuscola Internet bundles ensure that you will save big, no matter what your home communications needs might be. Our Double Play bundle combines our popular home phone service with your high-speed Internet, and our Triple Play bundle combines the previous services with Digital TV.

Frontier Secure

When you choose Frontier Communications, Tuscola becomes a safer place while using the Internet. Frontier Secure will constantly work to protect your credit card information, documents, files and PC equipment, making it indispensable for anyone needing the best online security.

On top of the great protection Frontier Secure provides, customers can enjoy our 24/7 technical support that is always available to answer your questions and concerns.

Frontier Digital TV

With Frontier Communications, Tuscola customers receive Digital TV with a wide range of desirable features. For starters, all of our Digital TV customers can get a DVR that makes it easy to get connected to all of your favorite programs. Missing your favorite show will be something that can be used as a past tense expression once you switch to Frontier.

Also, we offer hundreds of HD channels, meaning there is always something great to watch just a channel away. Those channels will also look incredible thanks to our fiber optics technology that delivers the best signal imaginable.

Frontier Home Phone

Frontier’s home phone service will make sure that you never have a dropped call again. By contrast, all of your calls will be distinct and reliable. This gives you a peace of mind that is just not possible with a mobile phone.

We also give you a large selection of advanced features, but we offer these features to you through a standard plan at Frontier Communications. Some of the advanced and desirable features we provide to you include voicemail, call forwarding, three-way calling and voicemail.

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