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Poplar Grove prides itself on being “a place to call home”, and Frontier prides itself as the place to call home for all of your home communications needs. With Frontier, Poplar Grove quite simply receives the very best in home communications.

Our Poplar Grove Internet bundles allow all of our customers to save on their Internet, Digital TV and home phone, and all of our products exude quality and reliability for the customer.

Frontier Internet Poplar Grove

With Frontier Internet, Poplar Grove receives an ideal solution for their Internet access in Poplar Grove. Our download speeds are a fast 6 Mbps, and the speed of our high-speed Internet is matched by incredibly reliable Internet access in Poplar Grove for all of our customers.

Customers enjoy the most savings by selecting our Poplar Grove Internet bundles such as the Triple Play bundle, a bundle that combines Internet, home phone and Digital TV into one great package. We also offer a free wireless router to all of our customers, making it simple and easy to get and stay connected.

Frontier Secure

With Frontier Communications, Poplar Grove just got a little bit safer. Our online security program Frontier Secure is designed to keep you safe at all times when you are online. Sensitive information such as important files, documents and credit card information will be protected when you use Frontier Secure.

Additionally, you will have access to customer support 24/7 for all of your tech questions and tech needs. Staying safe online is an essential aspect of using the Internet in the 21st century, and that is why Frontier is proud to offer our customers this essential security tool to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible.

Digital TV

When choosing Frontier Communications, Poplar Grove residents are choosing a home communications provider that is an industry leader in the world of Digital TV. You can expect to enjoy hundreds of high-quality HD channels, and each of these channels pops with stunning imagery thanks to our fiber optics technology.

The stunning image quality is hardly where the benefits of our Digital TV end, however. We also provide a DVR for all of our Digital TV customers, and this enables you to watch the content that you want when you want to view it.

Home Phone

Our home phone service promises customers that they will never have a dropped call. With Frontier Communications, every phone call is distinct and reliable, making your phone calls a genuine pleasure.

Our home phone service also makes typically advanced features come standard with our home phone service plan. You can expect great features such as voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding and so much more when you choose Frontier. Customers that opt in to our Double Play bundle will enjoy the benefits of combining their home phone service with high-speed Internet.

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