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In 2017, the total eclipse of the sun will have its longest duration in Murphysboro, giving the city a great deal to look forward to. Frontier believes it has the right home communications to give customers something to look forward to day after day without waiting years for the gratification.

With Frontier, Murphysboro has an ally that provides a wide array of home communications products that are both feature-rich and affordable. High-speed Murphysboro Internet bundles, home phone and Digital TV are the primary ways Frontier can bring your home to life and keep it ideally connected.

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Frontier Internet Murphysboro

Murphysboro Internet bundles and fast download speeds are the main ways that Frontier works to give you the best Internet access in Murphysboro. After all, 6 Mbps download speeds and big savings speak for themselves, but these are far from the only ways Frontier provides great Internet access in Murphysboro.

Frontier also offers free wireless routers to all of its high-speed Internet customers. With Frontier Internet, Murphysboro customers get their entire home connected with ease and efficiency.

Frontier Secure

By choosing all that is offered at Frontier Communications, Murphysboro receives a broad suite of benefits. On top of great Internet, home phone and Digital TV, Frontier also wants to keep you safe. Frontier Secure is an online security suite that works to protect you and all of your sensitive online data at all times. Credit card information and all other data that you don’t want people to discover will be protected with our system.

Frontier also provides you with around the clock technical support because we understand that tech issues can arise at any time. Simply put, Frontier Secure puts you and your safety first at every opportunity and at all times.

Frontier Digital TV

Frontier Digital TV brings stunning HD picture quality to your home. We provide hundreds of HD channels and deliver them to your home with our fiber optics technology. This technology is state of the art and will deliver the best image quality possible.

We also provide DVR that allows you to watch all of your favorite content on your terms. Simply record the program that you want to, and it will be waiting for you once you are ready to watch. Frontier’s bundles will allow you to get the best savings with your Digital TV package, and our Triple Play bundle is a great example of this. Triple Play combines home phone, Digital TV and high-speed Internet, giving you the best savings on each of those plans.

Frontier Home Phone

Our home phone service guarantees that you will not have a dropped call, and each and every call that you make or take will be clear and distinct. By making the switch to Frontier Communications, Murphysboro residents can know that dropped calls are a thing of the past.

Even better, you will be able to take advantage of the wide range of features we offer. Most of these features are advanced features, but at Frontier we offer them as standard. Some of these desirable features include, three-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID and voicemail. You can save even more money if you bundle home phone service with our high-speed Internet through our Double Play bundle.

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