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w/ 2 yr. agmt.

Located directly in the heart of Illinois, Clinton has a good sense of what Illinois wants and where it is going.

With years of experience in home communication, Frontier Communications has a good pulse on what its customers’ needs are. When choosing Frontier, Clinton residents can expect to save big without having to compromise on performance.

Frontier Internet Clinton

When choosing Frontier Internet, Clinton customers rave about the cost-savings that they receive when they bundle their Internet. Clinton Internet bundles maximize savings and the reliable Internet access in Clinton. These Clinton Internet bundles will provide the same great Internet access in Clinton at lower prices, while also giving customers Digital TV and home phone at reduced costs as well.

The fast 6 Mbps download speeds and great savings from the bundles are not where the value with Frontier ends, however. Frontier also provides customers with a free wireless router to enhance the savings.

Frontier Secure

At Frontier Communications, Clinton customers are put first. One of the best ways to put customers first is by keeping them safe, and Frontier Secure is the commitment to do just that at Frontier Communications. Clinton will be receiving protection for all of their sensitive data, including personal information and credit card data.

Better still, customers can take advantage of our 24/7 technical support, since we understand that the need for support can arise at any time. Frontier always puts the customer’s priorities at the forefront of our business model, and this is especially true when it comes to customer safety.

Frontier Digital TV

Our Digital TV package delivers hundreds of HD channels to you, and our fiber optics technology promises to deliver exceptional picture quality. The picture quality will allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and TV programming like never before, and we go the extra mile by allowing you to watch TV with a convenient schedule.

We include DVR in our Digital TV package, ensuring that you will never miss a program that you want to watch again. Simply tell the DVR to record the program, and it will be waiting for you at a convenient time that is best for your schedule.

Frontier Home Phone

Our home phone service is big on both features and performance, like every product at Frontier. In regards to features, we make advanced features standard. As a result, expect to enjoy advanced features like voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID and more as a standard part of your phone service plan.

Regarding performance, Frontier promises customers that you will never have a dropped call again. Instead, each of your calls will be reliable and give you outstanding phone call quality every time.

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