FiOS® by Frontier®

Internet has evolved: Incredible speed over our 100% fiber-optic network

Frontier Internet starting at



per mo. for year 1, $34.99/mo. for year 2

19 per mo. for year 1, $34.99/mo. for year 2
Simply Broadband Max
  • Internet as fast as 6 Mbps
  • Free Wi-Fi Router
  • 1 Year Price Lock
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29 per mo. for year 1, $44.99/mo. for year 2
Simply Broadband Ultra
  • Internet as fast as 12 Mbps
  • Free Wi-Fi Router
  • 1 Year Price Lock
  • No Phone Line Required
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Simply Broadband Ultimate
  • Internet as fast as 24 Mbps
  • Free Wi-Fi Router
  • 1 Year Price Lock
  • No Phone Line Required
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FiOS by Frontier: 100% Fiber-Optic Network

What is FiOS by Frontier?

FiOS by Frontier is delivered to you by a 100% fiber-optic network that provides Internet service to your home. FiOS Internet is often paired with digital TV and phone services because it is capable of incredibly fast data transmission for streaming and gaming. FiOS is built over a strong network of fiber-optic lines that transmit data to you at high speeds.

Why choose fiber-optic Internet?

Fast Internet speed is critical for browsing, gaming, streaming, and other media-rich activity. FiOS by Frontier delivers fast speeds with enough power to support all your devices simultaneously, all on one network. Our FiOS network is comprised of flexible glass fibers.  This cutting-edge fiber-optic technology delivers fast, reliable Internet

FiOS is available in California, Florida and Texas

Amazing speeds, affordable costs


  • Speed
    Get Frontier Internet speeds as fast as 500 Mbps
  • No Annual Contract
    No annual contract on Single Plays or Double & Triple Play bundles
  • Savings
    Free installation on bundles
  • Deals
    HBO included with FiOS TV for two years

FiOS by Frontier vs. the competition

How does FiOS Internet compare?

FiOS Internet by Frontier vs. satellite

Fiber-optic Internet provides fast, consistent speed. Satellite Internet is an upgrade from dial-up and provides an option for customers who live in rural areas, yet is still subject to slowdowns due to network traffic and even weather. FiOS delivers a reliable signal without data caps or concerns about network traffic.

FiOS Internet by Frontier vs. DSL

DSL connects you to the Internet over phone lines. However, Internet speed is determined by how close a subscriber lives to the Internet Service provider’s hub. Fiber-optic Internet by Frontier comes on a dedicated line. You’ll have reliable speed no matter where you are.


How fast is FiOS by Frontier?

Frontier delivers FiOS internet speeds as fast as 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 150 Mbps. The advent of fiber-optic Internet ushered in an era of uncomplicated fast broadband speeds. Fiber’s efficient delivery and Fiber-to-the-Home technology deliver Internet faster than ever before.

Speeds Ideal for Devices Supported

FiOS Internet 50/50


50 Mbps

Ideal for

Home offices, families that stream and game, and Cloud storage.

Devices Supported

Expect near-instant page loads and superior video streaming. Post to social media accounts. Enjoy HD TV, movies, music and more in high quality.

FiOS Internet 100/100


100 Mbps

Ideal for

Media-rich activity with HD TV/VoIP and VPN connections. Can also support e-commerce.

Devices Supported

This FiOS plan can connect up to 10-12 devices. Download 200 photos in 21 seconds or a 1 hour HD video in 4.3 minutes. Download books and play online games while other users stream and game.

FiOS Internet 150/150


150 Mbps

Ideal for

Ideal for mega streaming, gaming and video conferencing. This speed is future-ready.

Devices Supported

Host email servers and websites. Run backup servers, video conferences and webinars. Back up critical files for a small business.

What can I connect to Frontier FiOS Internet?

The real question: What can’t you connect?



Get fast Internet no matter where you set up shop. Study in any room or work from home with FiOS Internet by Frontier.

Internet 3


Live tweet during awards shows and playoff games. Game online with little lag time. Download volumes of books to your e-reader in minutes, with fiber-optic Internet.

safety apps


Save on data. When you’re home, just log onto your Frontier signal. Surf, stream and more without dipping into your mobile-phone data.

high-speed internet service

Gaming consoles

Be ready to conquer with speed on FiOS Internet. Reach the top of your game with speeds that keep up with you.

FiOS TV by Frontier

Watch in any room

Favorite shows on at the same time? No problem. A Frontier Standard DVR can record as many as four at once. It’s the ultimate multi-tasker. Pause and rewind live programming with FiOS TV.

Add premium channels

FiOS TV by Frontier includes an array of channel packages to fit your budget and viewing style. Access premium movies, sports, music, and family entertainment by checking out the channel lineups. Get the basics or boost your plan to a higher tier for popular networks. FiOS TV offers premium movie and sports networks, too.

Schedule recording

Never miss another match, show, or blockbuster hit with a FiOS TV DVR. Your FiOS DVR provides plenty of storage space to schedule a recording and edit an existing one.  Or get even more storage when you add FiOS® Quantum Enhanced or Premium services to your DVR.


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