FiOSMarket Transition FAQ: MEET FRONTIER

What's Happening?

Frontier welcomes Verizon customers from California, Florida & Texas!

What will change?

Very little. Frontier will operate Verizon’s Internet, TV and voice services in these states. That includes services on the FiOS network. We’re committed to making as smooth a transition as possible.

When will this happen?

On April 1, 2016 Verizon customers in California, Florida and Texas will move to Frontier. This includes all residential and commercial customers in these states. Frontier’s footprint extends up the western coast to Oregon and Washington, and more. It also stretches across the south, from Mississippi to North Carolina.

Who will operate the network?

Frontier Communications. We’re a Connecticut-based Fortune 500 company operating in 28 states. We’re proud of our customer service record and can’t wait for you to get to know us.

Where will Frontier venture?

Three states – California, Florida and Texas. Frontier has integrated operations before, including the implementation of fiber-optic networks. As we transfer your network to Frontier, you can keep your plans and phone numbers, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

New isn’t always easy – Frontier strives to keep it smooth.

What Makes Frontier So Great?

Customer Care

Day or night, count on Frontier technical support. Bring Internet, home phone and TV questions to our team of U.S.-based experts, 24/7.


FiOS fiber optic service delivers fast Internet, clear calls and unmatched picture and sound quality.


Frontier doesn’t shy away from freebies, such as Amazon Prime for a year with a 2-year agreement. Plus, we lock in prices for two years on services and we don’t do contracts.

What are you waiting for?

Give one of our sales experts a call and switch to Frontier today!

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