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Protect your computer from malware and viruses with Frontier Secure. Our services also include storage solutions and premium technical support.




Technical Support

Need help setting up your account or installing your new service? Forgot your Frontier login information? Our certified Frontier tech experts are your guides – here to help.

Questions about your Account or Upgrading Services?

Frontier Internet customers: Boost your speed or add another home service

I’m moving and want to keep my Frontier services. Is there a guide to what I should do?

Simply give us a call at 1-855-290-2807 and a Frontier specialist will help you transfer your service to a new location. You can see if your current services are available at a different location by running a quick address check.

I’m experiencing a service outage at my location. How can I restore my Wi-Fi connection?

Start by letting us know. Give us a call at 1-800-921-8101 to report an outage or to confirm the outage status of your area. Our tech support specialists will guide you through with step-by-step instructions to help you reconnect as quickly as possible.

Something is wrong with my Internet connection, but I’m not sure what it is. What can I do?

If you’re experiencing a connection issue, but are unsure of the cause, you can use our Automated Troubleshooting Tool. Simply login with your Frontier account and our tool will locate the issue.

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