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Frontier Internet starting at
$ 20 00 /mo.

w/ 2 yr. agmt.

Frontier: New London, CT

Eligible for Internet, Phone and TV

Frontier offers reliable Internet, dependable home phone and hundreds of TV channels. Select home phone or TV when you get Frontier Internet for a cost-saving Double Play bundle.

Get all services for the ultimate Triple Play bundle from Frontier. New London, CT residents can choose the plans and services they want.

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Home Phone
  • TV

Lock in your price on services from Frontier Communications. New London customers can qualify for Internet speeds as high as 24Mbps and a wireless router, at no extra charge!

Build Your Bundle Today with Frontier

New London customers can discover the services and plans that best suit their lifestyles, with Frontier. It all starts with high-speed Internet on a reliable network.

Get Internet, TV and phone to cover all your communication and entertainment needs, from Frontier. New London CT residents can cut the cable and switch to Frontier, today!

Why Frontier Internet? New London Households Get the Speed They Need

From the casual surfer to a family of web-savvy users, there’s a Frontier Internet plan for you. Frontier delivers speeds strong enough for you to download, share, stream and more to New London.

Internet from Frontier comes on a dedicated line you share with no one. Cable providers often service to as many as 500 customers on a single line!

The result: A service slow down during busy hours for Internet access. New London customers who are connected with Frontier won’t experience the slowdowns during those high-volume periods.

Do what you love online any time of day:

  • Upload pictures to social media accounts from your day at Lighthouse Point
  • Stream your favorite music service while fixing vegan meatball and olive pizza for dinner
  • Watch movies, TV shows and more!

The one-year price guarantee protects you from the common cable provider markup you could experience in New London. Internet bundles from Frontier come with you super services at a price that’ll fit your budget.

Round out a Frontier Triple Play with Digital TV

You have access to a world of entertainment with Frontier Internet access. New London customers can build the ultimate bundle – just add home phone and TV services from Frontier!

Why Digital TV from Frontier?

  • ADVANCED CONTROLS | On live shows or a recorded program – you can fast-forward, pause or rewind
  • HD CHANNELS| Unbelievable picture and sound quality!
  • MOBILE ACCESS | Power up your compatible web-enabled devices to watch TV from anywhere in the house

That’s not all you can get with Frontier Digital TV in New London. Internet bundles that include TV also give you On Demand access and Whole-home DVR.


Frontier: New London’s Choice for Home Phone Service, Too

Clear connections and a reliable line – that’s what you get with home phone from Frontier.

New London CT customers connect on a fiber optic network for crystal clarity. Select from unlimited local calling or the nationwide package.

Why home phone service from Frontier Communications? New London weather can be harsh – a Frontier home phone line will still work, even when the power goes out.

Save minutes on your mobile phone plan too, when you call from your Frontier home phone. Create a money-saving Double Play when you bundle home phone with Frontier Internet.

New London customers get the best features:

  • A fiber optic network gives you reliable service, all over the house
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and more popular features

Frontier covers all your communications needs in New London. Internet bundles with home phone added include two services from one trusted provider – Frontier!

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