Frontier Internet in New London, CT

Frontier High Speed Internet: New London, CT

Frontier offers reliable Internet, dependable home phone and hundreds of TV channels. Select home phone or TV when you get Frontier Internet for a cost-saving Double Play bundle.

Get all services for the ultimate Triple Play bundle from Frontier. New London, CT residents can choose the plans and services they want.

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Home Phone
  • TV

Frontier Communications has everything you need

Choose the Frontier package that best fits your needs

Why Frontier Internet?

From the casual surfer to a family of web-savvy users, there’s a Frontier Internet plan for you. Frontier delivers speeds strong enough for you to download, share, stream and more to New London.

Do what you love online any time of day:

  • Upload pictures to social media accounts from your day at Lighthouse Point
  • Stream your favorite music service while fixing vegan meatball and olive pizza for dinner
  • Watch movies, TV shows and more!

Round out a Frontier Triple Play with Digital TV

You have access to a world of entertainment with Frontier Internet access. New London customers can build the ultimate bundle – just add home phone and TV services from Frontier!

Why Digital TV from Frontier?

  • Advanced controls: On live shows or a recorded program – you can fast-forward, pause or rewind
  • HD channels: Unbelievable picture and sound quality!

Frontier Home Phone Service

Clear connections and a reliable line – that’s what you get with home phone from Frontier.

New London CT customers connect on a fiber optic network for crystal clarity. Select from unlimited local calling or the nationwide package.

New London customers get the best features:

  • A fiber optic network gives you reliable service, all over the house
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and more popular features