Great News:Frontier is Now in Connecticut!

Frontier Internet starting at



per mo. for year 1, $34.99/mo. for year 2

Frontier Communications is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the country. Now it’s affordable high-speed Internet, home phone and Frontier TV are available in Connecticut! Now’s the perfect time to switch to Frontier!

What Frontier in Connecticut Means to You

The Frontier move to the Connecticut market means one thing: you come out on top. Get the high-quality services and customer support Frontier is known for in your own neighborhood.

All at a price you can afford. Call now to order!

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Plans & Pricing

Frrontier TV: Your Entertainment, Better

Upgrade your home today with Frontier Connecticut services. Frontier TV caters to your home entertainment needs.

  • Hundreds of HD and Standard Definition channels
  • Thousands of movie and TV show titles ready On-Demand
  • Whole-home DVR system
  • Hours of HDTV data storage space

Home entertainment is better with Frontier TV. Entertainment has evolved. Call now to order your TV plan.

Connecticut Customers: Find out about VantageTV from Frontier, now available in your area!

Frontier Internet: Fast and Affordable

Get high-speed Internet from Frontier and do more of what you love online. Watch movies, play games, stream music and so much more. Plus get a variety of advanced optional security features from Frontier Secure.

Frontier Internet packages offer exclusive including:

  • 2-year price lock guarantee
  • Zero contracts
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Dedicated Internet connection

Call now to lock in your great deal from Frontier, and keep your price for 2 years, with no contract!

Frontier Home Phone Service

Along with a high-speed Internet service, Frontier offers reliable home phone

  • No more dropped calls.
  • No patchy service
  • No dead phone battery.
  • No counting minutes with an Unlimited plan

Clear, consistent phone service made for your convenience. Stay connected, any time, with a reliable home phone from Frontier.

Why Choose Frontier?

With helpful, U.S.-based customer service, reliable home services and around-the-clock technical support, Frontier Communications gives you more. New and existing customers with Frontier in Connecticut get the lightning fast technology and excellent customer service others in the nation have enjoyed for years. Call now to get started.

Frontier Secure

The deals don’t stop at high-quality in-home services. Frontier also offers services to help protect your devices and personal information. Frontier Secure has a wide variety of services—bundle them together, or choose the ones you need most. Get 24/7 technical support to help maintain or troubleshoot your tech, get software to keep your computer free of malware, viruses, spyware, phishing, get protection plans for your favorite devices, and much more.

Save More With Frontier Bundles

Get all the services you need at an affordable price with a Frontier bundle. Fast Internet, reliable home phone and Frontier TV. With a Frontier bundle, you pay less for three services that you would if you purchased them individually. Save more with Frontier, call now.

Order Now!

Your Frontier services are just a phone call away. Not sure what you need? No problem. Friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you personalize the package that’s best for you.