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Bundle fast Internet + tons of TV options for the ultimate entertainment Double Play.

Frontier Internet + Phone starting at
$ 47 98 /mo.

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Entertainment Double Play

Two Frontier services combine to elevate your entertainment experience. Pick Frontier Internet plus TV. Get access to an On Demand library with thousands of movie and TV shows. Pause, rewind, and fast-forward your shows, both live and recorded.

Watch shows anywhere in your house on a compatible device. Bundle Frontier Internet and TV and get a one-year price lock. The low price you get today stays with you for 12 months!

Frontier Internet

Frontier delivers fast, affordable Internet service – on a dedicated line to your home. You share your signal with no one. With cable, you might share your connections with as many as 500 neighbors! Have a consistent experience, no matter when you get online.

You can stream video and music, play games online and more, with Frontier Internet.

Frontier TV

Get tons of channel choices, crystal-clear picture and sound quality, and convenient features. For sports, action movies, or kids’ programming and other favorites, Frontier delivers the best. A whole-home DVR gives you flexibility to watch what you want – when it’s convenient for you.

TV 3

Frontier TV add-ons

For Tech

With a Frontier Internet and TV bundle, you can have multiple DVR receivers. This allows you to start a program in one room, pause it, and continue it in another room. Connect your DVR to Frontier Internet, and stream programming to your web-enabled device.

Store hours of your favorite programming and record multiple programs at once.

For digital

Get the best networks for sports, movies, trendy TV shows and more. With a Frontier Internet and TV bundle, you get access to hundreds of HD channels. Set your DVR and adjust your recording schedule with apps on your web-enabled devices.

Get top-notch picture and sound quality, with a Frontier Internet and TV bundle. Frontier delivers services on an advanced network that often outperforms cable.

The advantages of choosing Frontier

To get Frontier TV and Internet, you don’t even have to sign a contract

Frontier Freebies

Frontier comes to you contract-free, and price-hike free for 12 months. Get home services you can depend on, at prices you can afford – for 1 full year. Frontier customers can get a free virus scan and customizable email addresses, too.

Frontier Digital Phone

That network that delivers fast Internet and loads of TV choices also has digital phone. With digital phone, get intuitive phone features, crystal-clear sound quality and 100% reliability. Bundle Frontier digital phone for Triple Play savings.

Build a Triple Play

Why stop with Frontier Internet and TV? Add Frontier digital phone for the ultimate Triple Play bundle. Get three essential home services from a provider you can trust. Save money monthly, on one convenient bill with only one number to call for technical support.

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