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Faster, clearer, better - That’s what your Internet, phone and TV services become with Frontier FiOS.

Frontier Internet + Phone starting at
$ 44 99 /mo

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The difference? The Frontier FiOS fiber-optic network


Bundle Internet, TV, or Phone and Save

This is the ultimate money-saving experience! See why Frontier Communications is the best choice for you:


Fiber optics allow you to stream, download, game and more. Frontier Fios bundles include Internet delivered as pulses of light through glass fiber-optic strands.

Clarity of Sound

Hear who you’re talking to loud and clear, on phone calls to anywhere in the world. No static, no dropped connections. Don’t you wish your mobile phone had that?

Clarity of Picture

Frontier Fios packages that include TV provide the ultimate entertainment experience. Immerse yourself in live sports, action movies, TV dramas and more, in HD clarity.

FiOS Internet vs. the alternative

Phone, Internet and TV in Frontier FiOS bundles deliver an advanced alternative to cable

Direct line vs. shared connection

With Frontier FiOS bundles, get an advanced network for TV, Internet and phone. It’s a private connection not subject to rush-hour web traffic jams, whereas a single cable connection could service as many as 500 customers!

Day or night, depend on the super-fast connection you get with Frontier Fios.

Advantage: FiOS
Advanced network vs. copper wires

Pick among FiOS deals for a network designed to handle broadband demand – today and tomorrow. Copper wires have become antiquated. They struggle to deliver data flow needed for Internet, TV and phone services.

Fiber optics are energy efficient. If the electricity goes out, it won’t affect your Internet service.

Advantage: FiOS
The final count: Fios vs. cable

Why switch from cable by choosing from Frontier FiOS deals? In a word: Performance.

Frontier FiOS delivers Internet speed, all day and all night. It gives you tons of channel choices and an unparalleled entertainment experience. Frontier FiOS bundles can also include a dependable and crystal-clear phone connection.

Advantage: FiOS
Cable services vs. FiOS services

No doubt cable blazed trails decades ago with channel offerings unseen at the time. Times have changed, though. Fiber’s faster than cable. It has a higher capacity for extra channels and unmatched clarity of picture and sound, too.

Advantage: FiOS

Options in Frontier FiOS packages

Bundle FiOS Internet and either digital phone or TV – or save even more when you pick all three


Transform your home into the ultimate entertainment center. Get ready to experience movies, sports, shows, documentaries and more, in HD quality. Watch your programs of choice with 10 times the resolution of digital TV.

FiOS TV signals aren’t compressed. Your TV service won’t be subject to noise, static, and power surges.

FiOS Internet

It’s Internet – at the speed of light. Frontier FiOS bundles start with Internet delivered via cutting edge technology. That means smooth streaming, quick downloads and robust gaming. Other providers can’t match our fiber-optic speeds.

Why spend time and money on anything except for the fastest available network?

FiOS digital phone

Your calls come through crystal clear – without dead spots and patchy connections. Select unlimited nationwide calling, or upgrade to an international call plan. Frontier offers a suite of intuitive phone features. It includes 3-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID, and more.

Bundle digital phone with FiOS Internet for a powerful Double Play.

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