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Frontier Internet + Phone starting at
$ 32 00 /mo

for 24 months with qualifying Voice service. Installation, equipment, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, other fees & taxes apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

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Why Bundle Frontier Services?

You’ll experience more without paying more


With Frontier, you won’t get bogged down with slow speeds or Internet outages. Work off of multiple devices, online, and from any room in your house. Our fast and reliable Internet speeds are made to to fit your busy schedule.

Personal Security

We know that your digital information is important to you. That’s why we keep it safe for you. With Frontier Secure, protect up to three computers, plus unlimited file backup.

Identity Protection

Protect your information with Frontier Secure Identity Protection. We’ll offer you credit and non-credit activity monitoring, plus access to trusted credit specialists. Your peace of mind, guaranteed, with Frontier.

Frontier TV Bundles

Add TV to your bundle and watch all of the popular channels and shows. Frontier TV offers tons of great channel choices with top quality video and sound. Not to mention, with special features such as DVR, you’ll never have to miss an episode of your favorite show again.

Frontier Phone Bundles

Cell phones? They can be unreliable and inconsistent. Fortunately, with Frontier you can add a full-featured phone to your bundle – meaning you’ll always have service, no matter the circumstance. Plus, Frontier offers unlimited local and nationwide calling, anytime.

Why Choose Frontier®?

Save with Frontier Internet Bundles

Pay one price for two great services: high-speed Internet and a full-featured home phone

Frontier offers top-of-the-line services at great prices. Bundle high-speed Internet and a full-featured home phone with Frontier and get more for your money, including email addresses so you can connect with friends and family.

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Last Updated: 4/3/2018

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