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Why Frontier?

Frontier Communications delivers affordable, dependable home services

Frontier Internet coverage

Frontier has grown and now offers a variety of services, price tiers and Internet speeds in more places depending on where you live. Enter your ZIP code below, and let’s see if Frontier is available in your neighborhood.

An Internet provider you can rely on

A direct connection to your home means you don’t split the signal for your Internet service. Some providers do, among as many as 500 customers! With Frontier Internet, your signal goes direct to your home, so your speed is consistent, day or night.

Local Internet Options with Frontier

How should I choose an Internet provider?

Internet availability depends on where you live, and which networks are in your area.

What do I get with a Frontier bundle?

A price-lock guarantee and dependable service, for starters.

tv & internet bundle

Frontier Internet + TV Double Play

Bundle Internet and TV for an entertainment upgrade. Set your DVR from an app on your web-enabled device. Stream movies, shows and sports to your tablet, laptop and more.


Frontier Internet + Voice Service Double Play

Bundle the Frontier Internet plan that fits best with home phone. This Double Play comes with options for nationwide and international calling, and a suite of features to simplify your life.

Bundles 2

Frontier Internet + TV + Voice Service Triple Play

Choose the ultimate Triple Play. Customize your bundle with your pick of TV and phone plans.

Ready to order your Frontier Internet bundle?

There are plenty of choices out there for your next Internet provider. With Frontier, you could get:

  • Internet service that keeps up with you. No matter what you do online – gaming and streaming, browsing and sharing.
  • Customizable bundles. Add tons of channels and On Demand programming with Frontier TV. Choose Frontier Phone Essentials for a dependable landline. Or, get all three for big savings.
  • Fiber-optic speed. FiOS by Frontier delivers the fastest Internet available. Ask if fiber Internet is an option when you call today!

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