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Frontier Internet starting at
$ 20 00 /mo

for 12 mos. Install., equip., Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes and other fees apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

Fiber-optics deliver Internet at the speed of light

Plano residents: Fios-powered Internet and TV can change the way you see communication and entertainment. Stay connected, with Frontier.

Affected by the switch in Internet providers? Plano Verizon customers, meet Frontier

Fiber-optics represent the latest in digital data technology. Strands of flexible glass carry data in pulses of light more efficiently than copper wiring common to cable Internet networks.

It’s tough to beat FiOS Internet from Frontier Communications.

Plano customers won’t share a connection with hundreds of neighbors. This means a fast, reliable connection, even during peak usage hours.

Fios Internet deals: Reliable and within your budget

Customers have plenty of options for Internet carriers. The difference for Frontier: Fios. Connect several devices without slowing down the network. Get amazing speed – and the clarity of sound and picture of Frontier TV – without busting the budget. With a Frontier FiOS Triple Play, get:


100% fiber optics means lightning-fast Internet and brilliant picture and sound quality with Fios TV. Frontier home phone delivers near 100% reliability too.


Turn your home into a wireless hotspot. Connect tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more, on the Frontier FiOS network.

Bundle and Save

Bundle Internet and Home Phone to get a free Amazon Echo Dot. 

Select a Frontier FiOS triple play, and get:


Welcome to living virtually buffer-free. Stream movies without a hitch, and dominate in online gaming, with Frontier FiOS.


With Frontier, your connection stays on, and won’t tie up your phone line. A dedicated line to your home delivers consistent Internet speed, day or night.


Why bundle Fios TV with Frontier Internet? Plano customers can record shows they love – to play back in HD brilliance.

Speeds with Frontier FiOS exceed the competition. Plus, you’ll find Frontier FiOS an excellent value in comparing Internet prices.

Plano residents can bundle TV and home phone for Double- and Triple-Play savings, too.

Internet from Frontier Communications

Plano residents on the Verizon network have experienced what’s possible with FiOS speed. It’s not just fast Internet though.

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