Frontier:Town 'n' Country's Fiber Internet

Frontier Internet starting at
$ 20 00 /mo

for 12 mos. Install., equip., Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes and other fees apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

Fast Internet is just the start. Frontier delivers home phone and TV on the fiber-optic FiOS network. It’s the gold standard for communications delivery.

Who supplies the fastest Internet speed in Florida?

When it comes to the broadband heft to support a household online, it’s tough to beat fiber optics. Town ‘n’ Country falls within a region that has Frontier FiOS availability.

In Florida, not all markets do. In the past, Town ‘n’ Country homes got FiOS from Verizon. Now, residents can remain on that same fiber-optic network for Internet, home phone and TV, but now they get extras from Frontier Communications:

WI-FI | How about a wireless hotspot in your home, from Frontier? Town ‘n’ Country customers can connect with more than one enabled device.

1-YEAR PRICE GUARANTEE | Ever opened your Internet bill to see a huge price hike? It’s the worst! Get a price locked in for 12 months with Frontier FiOS Internet.

Plus, save money each month. Just bundle Internet, TV and home phone from Frontier Communications. Build a Double Play, with Internet and TV or phone. Or get all three for the ultimate Triple Play.

What Comes with the Fastest Internet Speed in Town?

Reliable service, affordable price

Getting the fastest Internet speed out there shouldn’t cost a bundle. Instead, build a bundle that begins with Frontier Internet.

Connect more than one enabled device with Frontier FiOS Internet. That same fiber-optic network supplies superlative service for home phone and digital TV, too.

Pick a Triple Play with Frontier FiOS

The advantage isn’t limited to having the fastest Internet speed. Bundle other Frontier services with Internet to get more:

  • Bundles
    It’s the fast track to convenience and savings. Bundle with Frontier Communications for Internet, TV and phone on the advanced fiber-optic network.
  • Best care anywhere
    Live in a town with FiOS availability? In Florida, that means customer care from a knowledgeable U.S.-based team of experts. You have access, day or night.
  • FiOS speed
    The fastest Internet speeds out there can support your gaming, streaming and video-conferencing habits. Frontier FiOS can support the activity those in your home enjoy most.

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