Get Readyfor Frontier FiOS, Tampa!

Frontier Internet starting at



per mo. for year 1, $34.99/mo. for year 2

We’re welcoming FiOS Internet customers to the Frontier family.

New name, same excellent service.

FiOS is now a part of Frontier Communications! Tampa residents can get FiOS Internet deals and bundles through Frontier. If you’re comparing Internet options in Florida, consider Frontier FiOS. Tampa Internet availability is changing, and select cities are now eligible for FiOS by Frontier.

Tampa Internet availability

Ready to make the switch to faster, more reliable fiber Internet? Call today to learn about Frontier Internet options near you. If FiOS is available in your area, we’ll help you compare bundle pricing to find a Frontier FiOS plan that meets you needs and budget.


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Frontier Communications: Tampa Availability

FiOS Internet

Searching for FiOS Internet deals? You’re in luck! With Frontier Internet, Tampa customers can switch to super-fast fiber Internet service. Get a private, reliable Internet connection that won’t slow down, even at peak usage times like nights and weekends – regardless of neighbors’ usage – with service through Frontier Communications. Tampa Internet options have never looked better.


Get hundreds of entertainment options – from blockbuster movies to sports and hit shows, there’s a FiOS TV plan for everyone. When comparing Internet options, it makes sense to consider bundling. With Frontier Internet, Tampa subscribers are eligible for a fully-loaded bundle that includes FiOS TV. When new customers bundle Fios TV & internet HBO is included for 2 years!

FiOS Digital Voice

Digital home phone service offers better call quality than cellular service. Consider adding phone service through Frontier Communications. Tampa residents can add peace of mind to their Frontier bundle with a reliable landline phone. Landlines are more reliable than cellular phones in bad weather; be more prepared during afternoon thunderstorms with Frontier home phone service.

The Frontier Advantage

What makes Frontier Internet different?