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Frontier Internet starting at
$ 20 00 /mo

for 12 mos. Install., equip., Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes and other fees apply. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

Welcome Frontier FiOS to Sarasota

Call your friends in Sarasota to see who’s up for a day at Mote Marine Laboratory. Find ticket prices for Marie Selby Botanical Gardens online. Watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. Frontier FiOS Digital Voice, Internet and TV keep you connected and entertained.

Frontier FiOS provides the following for eligible homes:

FiOS Internet, FiOS TV, and FiOS Digital Voice

Fast Internet, plentiful TV options and incredible phone features are part of the package when it comes to Frontier FiOS. When you live in Paradise, would you expect anything less?

Plans & Pricing

The web just got faster with Frontier FiOS

If you live in an eligible residence in Sarasota, Frontier FiOS can support your Internet lifestyle by allowing you to do so many things, at the same time, and with extraordinary speed:

  • Read reviews before you book a room at the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel for the weekend
  • Share recipes and favorite blog posts on social media while you stream NPR’s Morning Edition
  • Find holiday crafts ideas for the kids while you register for the Doggie Bones 5K

With Frontier FiOS, it’s a breeze to shop online, search for inspirational quotes or find the hot new e-book, with speeds that will astound you

FiOS Digital Voice keeps the lines of communication crystal clear

Sync your calendar to your phone so you won’t miss this year’s Sarasota Music Festival

Set up an email or text notification for when you receive a voicemail
Block anonymous callers to eliminate interruptions as you watch spring training games

When you use the 20 popular calling features of Frontier FiOS Digital Voice, you have the power to maintain order and convenience on your home phone. From call forwarding to caller ID, the choices are yours with Verizon FiOS.

All-digital and HD: The power of Frontier FiOS TV

Whether you’re a fan of old-school shows such as 21 Jump Street or like to stay on the cutting edge of the newest TV sensations, Frontier FiOS can deliver. Make tonight movie night, and download the latest blockbuster hits.

The selection of HD programming with Frontier FiOS is quite impressive, too.

Sarasota, FL: Fiber optics make for an exceptional experience

If you connect with Brighthouse or Comcast, your phone, Internet and TV service is delivered by copper wiring – not the high-capacity, fiber-optic network eligible residences receive with Frontier FiOS. What’s the difference when you’re on a 100% fiber optic network?

  • Fast Internet speeds: Download a favorite John D. MacDonald novel in a flash
  • Fabulous phone features: Call for movie times at the AMC Sarasota 12 with impeccable clarity
  • Formidable TV lineup: Catch Bucs highlights and Game of Thrones with HD quality

Copper just won’t cut it. With fiber optics, the picture’s clearer, the sound more crisp and the experience a step above. And with Frontier FiOS, you get that high-capacity connection directly to your home. That’s the beauty of 100% fiber optics.

Where is Frontier FiOS available in Sarasota?

The first step to a richer communications and entertainment experience is to check availability where you live. Call us today to talk to a friendly representative about Frontier FiOS offerings for Digital Voice, Internet and TV!

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