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Brandon, FL Fast Internet from Frontier Communications

Frontier Internet starting at
$ 20 00 /mo.

w/ 2 yr. agmt.

Brandon residents can get Internet + TV + home phone on the Frontier FiOS network.

Bundle and save on these essential home services.  What’s possible with fiber optics?

Fiber optics deliver the fastest speeds available for home Internet. Brandon, FL customers accustomed to the Verizon FiOS network have experienced the difference fiber makes.

A Frontier FiOS Triple Play includes Internet, phone and TV.

Get the Frontier FiOS network delivered straight to your home.

No sharing your connection among hundreds of other customers, as might happen with cable Internet.

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Dependable service at an affordable price

Frontier FiOS delivers service to handle your entertainment and communication demands. Frontier is tough to beat when consumers search for the best value in Internet bundles. The fiber-optic network provides virtually unmatched picture and sound for Frontier FiOS TV. It also gives customers the broadband heft to connect several devices to the Internet at once.

Get FiOS in Florida

  • Wi-Fi | Tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and more can connect from anywhere in the house. Your home becomes a wireless hotspot.
  • PRICE-LOCK GUARANTEE | Why pay rising prices for your home Internet? Brandon, FL residents can lock in a low price for 12 months.
  • 100% FIBER OPTICS | Calls on your home phone come through crystal clear with service from Frontier Communications. Brandon customers can select a calling plan that fits them best.

What comes in a bundle with Frontier Internet?

Brandon customers with Frontier FiOS can have all this:

  • DVR IN HD | Record your favorite shows and movies while your family spends a day together. Watch them tonight, tomorrow, or whenever.
  • RELIABLE INTERNET | A dedicated line to your home ensures speed remains dependable, even during high-traffic hours. Your connection always stays on, and won’t affect your phone line.
  • STREAMING SPEED | Listen to music, play online games, watch movies, and more. You’ll have the bandwidth needed for media-rich online activity, with FiOS Internet.

Only Frontier FiOS can deliver that performance. Plus, when you bundle TV or home phone for a Double Play, you’ll save on your monthly bill.

All three services together create the ultimate Frontier FiOS bundle.

The Advantage of the Frontier FiOS Triple Play

Love fast Internet? That’s just the start. Bundling Internet, TV and home phone gives you even more to get excited about.

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