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FiOS Internet by Frontier

Fiber-optic technology consists of hair-thin, flexible strands of glass. They’re the infrastructure for the fastest Internet available, and it’s available from Frontier Communications.LA residents previously on the FiOS network with Verizon won’t likely notice a difference in quality. Your carrier offers a few new perks, though:

Wi-Fi | Create a hotspot with your home Internet. Options for wireless connections include tablets, laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more.

It’s a snap to find the best FiOS Internet deals. LA neighborhoods can bundle FiOS Internet with TV or home phone for a Double Play. Get both for a money-saving Triple Play bundle.

FiOS Speed, And Much More

FiOS Internet deals

Build a bundle that includes the right services at the right tiers. Don’t pay too much for features you don’t need, like you may with other carriers. Pick Fios by Frontier.

Go large:

Get a FiOS Triple Play Fiber optics represents the fastest among Internet options. That advanced network also carries TV and home phone plans. They’re bundled for savings and convenience. You also get these features:

Customer care

Access a team of U.S.-based tech support experts with FiOS by Frontier in Los Angeles. They’re available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Going for a Double Play or Triple Play? Get what you need from Frontier. Los Angeles customers select the services and plans that fit best.

The speed of FiOS

How will your family harness FiOS speed? Internet plans range in speed from basic web browsing to constant access with many types of devices.

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