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Are you ready for a Frontier upgrade?

Frontier Internet customers: Boost your speed or add another home service

Frontier TV

Increase the entertainment value of your Frontier bundle – add TV. Get hundreds of channels, dozens in HD. Add premium channels for the best movies and sports available! With whole-home DVR, record several programs at once, and watch them at your convenience.

Frontier digital phone

Add a 100% reliable land line to your Frontier bundle – with Frontier digital phone. Stay in touch with unlimited nationwide calling, and convenient call features. Home security companies often can’t install their systems without a landline phone. Get one, with Frontier.

Upgrade your plans

Need speed? Bump up your Frontier Internet speed tier to a higher level. Top Frontier Internet speeds can handle constant connectivity. Or, add premium channels, and don’t miss the playoffs or blockbuster hits. Your Frontier bundle can grow as your needs grow.

Frontier for business

Build a bundle for your business, too, with Frontier. Choose from plans suitable for a two-person startup. Add service for a mid-sized business looking to expand. Put Internet and phone together in a Double Play for plenty of options and bigger savings.

Frontier Existing Customer Support

Reach a U.S.-based customer care team, day or night.


Why should I upgrade my Frontier bundle?

Added users, added devices

Adding a roommate? Get a gaming system for your birthday? It’s the right time to consider upgrading Frontier Internet service.

Having movie night, a gaming marathon or hosting a study session? A broadband upgrade means a boost in power online.

Join your services

Why subscribe to TV from one company, Internet from another and home phone from a third provider? Existing Frontier customers: Add TV or home phone to your Internet service. Get them all on one bill, and save on what you’d pay to get those services one by one. Plus, you have one number to call for questions about all three services.

Frontier Upgrade

Call to add speed, calling plans or services to your bundle. Upgrade Frontier Internet service with a higher speed tier for the ultimate gaming experience. Add nationwide calling to stay in contact with friends and relatives coast to coach. Bundle Frontier Internet with home phone or TV. Add both for Triple Play convenience and savings.

Add Frontier Secure

Frontier existing customer support can add Frontier Secure to your bundled services. Frontier Secure products and services protect your devices, online identity, credit, and more. Frontier Secure helps safeguard you against hackers and viruses. Frontier Secure also includes storage solutions and premium technical support.

For the Connected Home

The Internet of Things connects devices, appliances, utilities and more. Existing customers with Frontier can connect surveillance cameras, thermostats, Wi-Fi range extenders and more. Customer service can suggest apps and programs to bring your home to the future by putting control of these services in your hands.

Set Up Accounts

Frontier Internet customers can contact customer support when they set up a gaming system, create an iTunes account, and more. Frontier experts can also help with hardware issues you might have as you connect to the Internet.